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Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005

Bathroom waterproof mini bluetooth speaker LSP-8005

  • Model:LSP-8005
  • Material:ABS plastic
  • Output Power:3W
  • Frequency response:100HZ-20KHZ
  • SNR:≥75dB
  • Impedance:4 Ω
  • Distortion:1%
  • Distance:within 10M
  • Power supply:USB DC5.0V,built-in lithium rechargable battery,300MA
  • Unit dimension:Φ85*45mm
mini bluetooth speaker Features:
1.Supports Bluetooth wireless transmission.
2.Built-in microphone, so you can enjoy hands-free calls.
3.High-quality audio decoder chip, allowing you to experience the perfect sound.
4.Unique waterproof design, can be used in the bathroom, beach, swimming pool. In leisure while relaxing beautiful music.
5.Built-in rechargeable battery, can play music anytime, anywhere.

mini bluetooth speaker Advantages:
1.New ISSC Bluetooth solution, the market's most stable Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR technology solutions, Bluetooth mutual control, built-in NICAM microphone, Bluetooth calls.
2.Exquisite roses appearance, flower protruding part is obvious, and made with the best raw material ABS, enjoy upscale quality, in line with your taste, I believe you love at first sight!
3.Soft, flexible silicone shell, easy disassembly, adsorption and strong, bright colors, truly your site that you call the shots, you can leave it in the shadows everywhere, unique.

Lock the phone
Bluetooth 3.0 uses the latest technology, a stable pairing is successful, the next automatically return the connected devices.
Long standby
Lithium-ion battery with high quality, sustainable work 3-5 hours, long battery life, bring wireless music enjoyment.
Audio decoding
HD audio decoding, more layered sound, heavy bass, clear midrange, treble vast.

1.This product is four bathrooms waterproof Bluetooth speaker, not directly on the water inside use, shower water washout does not matter;
2.Simple fashion modeling, easy to carry, the chassis can smoke in the phone and Apple board computers and desktops, very practical;
3.Variety of colors to meet the needs of different people.

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