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Way to wear ear wireless noise cancelling headphones

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-08 11:46:43
   For wireless noise cancelling headphones Who, in addition to the sound, a lot of people most likely to pay attention to is wearing. One wireless noise cancelling headphones At present, different ways to wear wireless noise cancelling headphones is also very diverse, it is inevitable people confused and disoriented. What a different way to wear What are the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each? As a consumer, you have way more suited to what to wear it?
   One wireless noise cancelling headphones Will perhaps make you bear off; but a very likely wearing headphones bad so you have to reluctantly give up. Although stressed that good sound is a fundamental pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones, but this factor is likely to wear than you initially thought important to come.
    Ear wireless noise cancelling headphones is for use in the internal organs of the human auditory headphones, according to its design, it will be sealed in the use of the user's ear canal, and is usually pouches closed ear canal. Ear wireless noise cancelling headphones in recent years the rise of a new wear design, and the use of earplugs ear design more and more, especially high-end products, in-ear design is almost occupied the mainstream. Ear Earphones divided into two categories: Embedded and Inline. Embedded commonly referred to as shallow ear, it cleverly exploits a sunken parts of the human outer ear, the ear shape made just to embed this depressed part, directly embedded in the outer ear so that when worn like depression. There is also a design around the ear, behind the ear can take some ass shaped "ear hook." When worn, a good place to first ear, and then put this wireless noise cancelling headphones wire around to the rear from above the ear, bend, "hanging" on the ear. In-line depth is commonly known as ear, wireless noise cancelling headphones usually the same stick has a similar cavity, the cavity wear when put straight into the ear canal stabbed, drilled deep to make it, and then you can put earplugs into the deeper place, You can get very good sound insulation. But the resulting problem is that comfort is also relatively poor.

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