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Anticipated wireless bluetooth earbuds fashion headphones

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-29 18:25:26
   Wireless bluetooth earbuds Using the appearance of a single color, which currently only has a classic white color models to choose from, wireless bluetooth earbuds is simple and the atmosphere, but the color we support color customized, wireless bluetooth earbuds is a specially designed for mobile wireless bluetooth earbudse devices to create a portable music player earbuds , headphones line with universal one-touch remote control microphone, compatible with the wireless bluetooth earbuds iPhone system.

   wireless bluetooth earbuds also the most outstanding in terms of sound quality, low-frequency elastic full and loose enough, IF full energetic, with the most outstanding natural degree in the same price wireless bluetooth earbuds. As a has excellent sound quality, and with a remote control operation of the product sales price is only $ 2, wireless bluetooth earbuds can be regarded as the most populist spending machine entry phone earplugs.

   As a wireless bluetooth earbuds cost-effective mass-ear pretty good, still very worth the wait, and its basic parameters are as follows for your reference:

Basic parameters

- Support: Support: volume control, play / pause / incoming calls, microphone (only supports Apple's mobile phone wireless bluetooth earbuds)

- Material: ABS metal plug

- Frequency range: 20hz - 20kHz

- Maximum input power: 10MW

- Rated power: 10MW

- Speaker: 10mm

- Impedance: 32Ohm

- Sensitivity: 102 ± 3dB (1kHz)

- Plug: 3.5mm stereo

- Cable length: 1.2 m ± 0.03

wireless bluetooth earbuds