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The perfect combination of wood metal wired earphones

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-07 19:36:39
  Wired earphones The perfect combination of wood ear wired earphones in the source domain, the original ecological wood products are the best source of material, wood metal speaker clever use of wood wired earphones and aluminum cavity nesting together, wood wired earphones is resonant cavity can be reduced wired earphones Impact of housing on the sound, for the formation of a good acoustic resonance system.
  Meanwhile wired earphones wonderful resonance effect of the use of aluminum alt advantage, wood cavity, wired earphones reducing the sound of the metal cavity resonance and resonance,wired earphones so that sound waves get better conduction, so to dive more in place of the low-frequency, to plastic and metal cavity can not achieve resolution of purity and clarity wired earphones.

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