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wearable bluetooth speaker need to take care

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-06

   While the smart bluetooth speaker karaoke bluetooth is a semi-permanent product, but also need to take care, especially high-end speaker (wearable bluetooth speaker), In order to "longevity." A. To prevent sudden shocks large signal generally have the following situation. First, wearable bluetooth speaker because after the last cycle of listening potentiometer switch is not the lowest, or malfunction of the potentiometer others, they are in a big open sound volume status, resulting in a large signal shock. Another wearable bluetooth speaker case is the music in unexpected large dynamic pieces. These fragments in order to emphasize contrast, wearable bluetooth speaker before the arrival of large dynamic, large very weak signal. At this point, if not prepared, put up the volume, large dynamic signal a speaker to be easily washed out. Such as "1812 Overture" in the big guns, "Firebird" in big drums and so on. smart bluetooth speaker The third situation is sound normal work, suddenly plug signal lines, power lines, wearable bluetooth speaker then will generate a large current impact, the most easily damaged wearable bluetooth speaker.
   II. Listening environment to adapt to most of the wearable bluetooth speaker on the various components of changes in temperature and humidity sensitive, such as veneer, wearable bluetooth speaker paper-cone, silk film treble, surround, centering brackets, adhesives, coil and so on. If the temperature is too low, too high will affect the stability of these components, wearable bluetooth speaker such as the temperature is too low, less than 5 degrees Celsius, smart bluetooth speaker surround easily become brittle, then Rakhine large volume, it is easy to create surround rupture. If wearable bluetooth speakerwearable bluetooth speaker the temperature is greater than 40 ° C is too high, overheating of the voice coil, causing the sound degradation. smart bluetooth speaker The solution is to install air conditioning or temperature speakers when not in use inappropriate. Humidity is also great, smart bluetooth speaker as is too dry, the outer veneer speaker karaoke bluetooth will burst, and if so thick wooden body is also easy to crack. The solution is to purchase a humidifier or put a pot of water in the room. If the temperature is too large, cone easy tide moldy, speaker karaoke bluetooth sounds and therefore weakness, wiring is also easily oxidized. The solution is to put some desiccant in the room, desiccant. In addition, speakers dust (speaker karaoke bluetooth) Is also very important, do not listen to the speakers to add dust cover, dust-proof and also prevents both children touch touch units. Three normal operation to prevent accidental collision when listening first check the wiring is correct, speaker karaoke bluetooth whether the potentiometer position is too large, according to the order switch. (When the power source first, after the amplifier, the opposite. Shutdown) when singing karaoke OK to try to stay away from the speaker, microphone and smart bluetooth speaker do not point to the speakers, to avoid speaker (speaker karaoke bluetooth) Voice into the microphone, the formation of acoustic feedback, produce whistle, even burned treble. Bookshelf speaker karaoke bluetooth To prevent accidental collisions, while falling from the tripod. The best pieces in the bottom posted double-sided adhesive (evenly), warned the family not to move freely around the wearable bluetooth speaker.

wearable bluetooth speaker