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The impact of the tws headset sound quality for ears

2020-07-16 16:38:43

The tws headset and our ears are in close contact. If the sound quality of the tws headset is not good, it will affect the mood and may cause damage to the ears.

Today’s mainstream common Bluetooth technology, I believe everyone should know that it is 5.0 and 4.2, and the initial bandwidth of 1.0 is only 723.1Kbit/s per second, and Bluetooth at that time because of the relatively low bandwidth speed, it will affect the large Most of the sound quality, so 2.0 after 1.0, the data broadband has also been increased to 2.1Mbit per second (EDR). As far as such standards are concerned, common AAC and MPS and other compression-encoded audio files have come to mind. Finance.

The sound quality of the tws headsets should first be "balanced". It is accurate and clear in advance, the intermediate frequency performance is not far-fetched, there is not too much extended rendering on the high frequency, and the three-band equalization. No matter how complicated the music is, it sounds very comfortable, and can even fall asleep unconsciously. The poorly tuned tws headsets will react to the main axis, the more irritable the more.

tws headset

Then there must be enough fidelity. In simple terms, it is like if you listen to Zhou Xun’s song but it is like Mo Wenwei. That means the fidelity of this tws headset is not enough.

The hardest thing about tws headsets is the performance of the sound field. The sound field is simply "restore the scene", which can identify the positions of various instruments and singers when listening to songs, etc. This kind of restoration can only be achieved by tuning top-level headphones. When you put on the tws headsets, it seems that you are sitting in the middle of the concert hall, and you can accurately hear the distribution position of the orchestra instruments on the stage.

tws headset

The real sound quality factor is also because of the Bluetooth wireless standard, the protocol for transmitting audio, and the encoding technology, etc. Nowadays, the surface of the city can also see that the encoding technology has reached a variety of, namely AAC, SBC, APTX, LDAC. Nowadays, Bluetooth has also developed to 5.0, and bandwidth is no longer a problem that mainly affects sound quality. More is still the encoding method.

In fact, there are not many "definitions" for sound quality, because each individual has different requirements for sound quality, and some people can’t even hear it. There is no difference. The best choice is to try it yourself. Once, in this way, we can truly achieve the same outstanding coding, and the sound quality brought by it will change.

Almost, our ears do not have obvious feelings about the quality of the sound, so in addition to knowing some simple discrimination methods, we also need to go to the physical store and experience more different tws headsetes to listen to the same song.