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Like a cold day sports cap with headphones people still go out

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-20 17:35:10
   If you are the kind of love in a cold day people still go out, then the introduction of this today  Sports cap with headphones  Is definitely ready for you tailor items! The Sports cap with headphones There are two colors (black, gray) for your choice.
  Sports cap with headphones  with the brand logo on the left side seam.  Sports cap with headphones, the cap material is 100% knitted, this is a special capillary fibers, can be derived moisture after rapid evaporation of the head, even at high intensity physical exertion at the hair remains dry, and does not affect the headphone to listen to the sweat . The material used commonly weave double wide pore material, like a basketball elastic and breathable underwear material. SD Sports Beanie functional, sporty style, long hair for women or family, it can be fixed after wearing the hair, so that the overall shape is more tidy outfit. You can also wear the helmet, listening to music,  Sports cap with headphones  calling convenience riding locomotives. Of course, the most suitable for wearing jogging clothes, and then put it out campaign, wearing the overall catch the most sense  Sports cap with headphones.
   This paragraph contains sports caps + headphone headset body, currently priced at $ 12.

 Sports cap with headphones