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portable speakers for sale how much volume

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-18 18:44:01
    When the human ear sounds up to 100 decibels, for a long time can cause irreversible hearing damage; portable speakers for sale,if up to 110 decibels can cause hearing loss symptoms. portable speakers for sale is not an alarmist, MP3 Sound open to a maximum of 120 decibels, which is what concept? We can look at the following table,portable speakers for sale.
     portable speakers for sale just stick the "three six principles" portable speakers for sale can be a very good hearing protection, portable speakers for sale long songs are not more than 60 db, MP3 sound control at about 60 decibels, the volume should not exceed MP3 volume of 6 percent. Best to avoid a lot of noise in buses and other public places, listen to music, because overshadowed noise requires a lot of volume. Do not open too much bass, science suggests imposing bass ears hurt the most obvious.

      Hearing protection is a prerequisite songs, portable speakers for sale,treat their ears. Enjoy the music to their own physical and mental relaxation, do not forget, ears need a rest,portable speakers for sale.
portable speakers for sale