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noise cancelling headphones technology noise pollution say "no"

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-27
  Living standards improved noise cancelling headphones technology Became a popular activity, and square dance on into the aunt who is a hot activity. Square Dance noise noise cancelling headphones technology is also a great impact to the public.
  Hangzhou Road in Tianjin Binhai New Area Healthy Garden Community dozen wearing festive flower dress, hand stays green bamboo umbrella aunt who is an energetic dance, graceful movements and noise cancelling headphones technology uniform rhythm of the surrounding residents can not help but applaud. noise cancelling headphones technology and the other difference is the square dance team who are with these Aunt "secret weapon" -1 for delicate headphones,noise cancelling headphones technology.

   Aunt who in the full enjoyment of music brings joy, but also do not have to worry about disturbing problem. "We need to exercise, but other people also need to rest, noise cancelling headphones technology we can not simply forget their own environment, so in the future we will be wearing headphones fitness team decided to exercise, say noise pollution." In addition to set an example by adopting wearing headphones lowering the dance music to 45 dB below the "volume control" and other practices, noise cancelling headphones technology these public-spirited aunt who also reject noise collective become messengers, they wore "Noise Pollution say NO" marked on his arm, noise cancelling headphones technology holding Proposal Send to residents actively encourage residents to become civilized fitness, not to exercise the music becomes "noise", and the other residents do not exercise to achieve peaceful coexistence, while improving their quality,noise cancelling headphones technology their own clean up after workout ends, keeping the site noise cancelling headphones technology clean do environment-friendly communities civilization citizens.

   Noise cancelling headphones technology Square Dance good configuration headphones, noise reduction aviation headset design, with the outside noise completely isolated after wearing, easy rhythm of the music, no noise pollution.

  Noise cancelling headphones technology Is also very good, this uses a combination of leather and soft sponge earmuffs, part of the header beam using leather elements, moderate overall weight, long-wearing listening to meet user needs. Headphones have a variety of colors, noise cancelling headphones technology can be said to be a highlight the wearer's personality can be a good headset products. The headset has a variety of colors, designs personalized fashion, excellent wearing effect, from the parameter point of view, in the frequency range between headset 20-20000Hz, low frequency dive strong overall abundant amount of sense, and no loose feeling generated in the reduction of the high frequency of the human voice more remarkable, noise cancelling headphones technology can satisfy the needs of the user to listen to popular music.