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iPhone 7 memory capacity upgrade

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-07-07 11:01:28

According to Forbes reports yesterday showed some very important news, but a lot of people ignore one of the biggest hidden message: apple has iPhone7 cheap $100.This is the Wall Street journal "confirmed" iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus give up after the 16GB version, another exciting news.(mini loudspeaker

Although there are a lot before the Wall Street journal about apple will be the lowest with up to 32GB of gossip, but the Wall Street journal was most influential web site reported this matter to date, and the site of the news has been very reliable.As with other media, the Wall Street journal also calls the iPhone will abandon 16/64/128GB version, instead of 32/128/256GB.(mini loudspeaker)

IPhone7 price should be: $649 (32GB), $749 (128GB) and a $849 (256GB).7 Plus on the basis of the price of $100.IPhone6s starting at $649 (16GB).On iPhone6s, 16GB of storage capacity is not enough, because the camera and video resolution pixels rise, such as iOS 3GB, need 1GB upgrade, download some games, shooting a few period of 4 k video and photos of 12 mp almost run out of memory.(mini loudspeaker)

Maybe you can lower the video and picture resolution, but it is equal to the camera did not upgrade, if buy up to cloud storage, 2 years spent money it is better to buy the 32 GB version of the iPhone.Therefore, upgrade to 32GB to solve these problems.For example, 3GB of removal system and upgrade to 1GB, the remaining 28 GB can be used to install the application of 6GB(enough), 22GB can be used for shooting video and photos, most consumers are to burn.mini loudspeaker

With the rise of the storage capacity, this benefit will be bigger.But since the 128
GB capacity is very big, many people may not buy the 256 GB
version.7 Plus the iPhone case, should be similar, but due to the model to dual cameras, so the size of the video and photos will account for how much memory is not known yet.
No matter how, as a result of iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus may only be a small upgrade, so storage capacity will be the biggest reason users upgrade.(mini loudspeaker)