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Note on the placement of bluetooth home speakers

Emily 2020-09-16 16:19:56

With more and more people buying bluetooth home speakers, in order to facilitate everyone's better sing experience, the following Sawolol will share with you the placement skills of bluetooth home speakers, let’s learn about it together. 

First, the placement of the bluetooth home speakers

The bluetooth home speakers are generally placed closest to the center of the image screen. This is because the sound quality of the movie dialogue is clearer. It is best to use a dedicated speaker suitable for the center channel instead of ordinarybluetooth home speakers. The bluetooth home speakers generally uses a horizontal horizontal cabinet, and its most suitable place is the top of the TV, which is the closest to the screen as mentioned earlier. It is worth noting that if the front projection display screen is used, it is placed behind the screen.

bluetooth home speakers

Second, the placement of the left and right bluetooth home speakers

In order to ensure the smoothness of the left and right movement of the sound image, the left and right bluetooth home speakers should be placed on both sides of the bluetooth home speakers and kept the same distance from the center channel speaker and the screen. It is best to place it in front of the center speaker, so that the sound fields of the two can be combined and the sound image positioning can be unified. It is worth noting that the vertical height of the left and right channel speakers should be such that the axis of its mid-tweeter speakers is not higher or lower than the center speaker 750px.

Third, the placement of surround channel speakers

Ring bluetooth home speakers should be placed according to the room environment and different types of speakers. For example, the left and right surround speakers should have more sound diffusion than directivity, which helps create a strong surround atmosphere. When placing dipole speakers, the two factors of resonance and self-decay must be considered. The best position for anti-resonance is at the height of the indoor space 20% above the ground. In order to make the frequency response smoother, a new device called a low-frequency "trap" (which absorbs low audio) can be added to eliminate the reflections that cause the sound to decay. There are many ways to place direct radiating loop line speakers.

The above is the related content of "A Brief Talk on the Precautions in the Placement of bluetooth home speakers" shared by Sawolol. Do you have a certain understanding? If the bluetooth home speakers are placed unreasonably, this will greatly affect the sound quality. You may wish to master the above placement tips and apply them so that the sound effects will not lose to ordinary KTV when we sing.

bluetooth home speakers