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dancing dog bluetooth speaker, what is hi-fi

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-13 18:57:12
    dancing dog bluetooth speaker the internal speakers due to a combination of multi-playback, the quality of which speakers, crossovers, cabinet and other devices are on the speaker's performance played a decisive role, due to changes in many factors, so its performance parameters and simple The speakers are some differences, mainly technical performance dancing robot speaker generally have the following items.

1, Rated impedance
dancing dog bluetooth speaker is impedance is generally composed by a nominal impedance of the speaker to decide, but the concept than mere speaker impedance speaker impedance is much more complicated, because the speaker is the speaker of many varieties, high, medium and low speaker does not performance may be exactly the same, and add dividers dancing dog bluetooth speaker and box structure and materials, and many other factors, the speaker impedance characteristics in the analysis, you need to consider the various factors.

2. Distortion
Described above, dancing robot speaker due to the diversity of the composition of the internal structure of the speaker, so the distortion is also composed by a variety of factors, in the production of the speaker to listen, the reason can not simply come from the distortion of a dancing robot speaker or a particular aspect, we should consider the multi-angle dancing dog bluetooth speaker, Meanwhile distortion power amplifier output signal itself can not be ignored.

3, rated frequency and effective frequency range
dancing robot speaker of the dancing dog bluetooth speaker rated frequency range is generally specified by the product standards, and the actual speaker frequency range can be achieved is called the effective frequency range.

Usually in the ideal state, the dancing robot speaker can be achieved in the frequency range 16Hz ~ 20000H z, but dancing dog bluetooth speaker is common practice to achieve the frequency range of 40Hz ~ 20000Hz.

4, characteristic sensitivity
Speaker's characteristic sensitivity and dancing robot speaker, as is equivalent to the nominal impedance is 1 watt of electrical power pink noise signal voltage, the voltage at the reference point from the reference axis generated at one meter. Characteristic sensitivity dancing dog bluetooth speaker with "Barye" as a unit, characteristic sensitivity level with the "db" for the units.

dancing dog bluetooth speaker