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Excellent custom made bluetooth earbuds field and penetration

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-10 18:48:45

   From custom made bluetooth earbuds Positioning point of view, this headset optimizes the balance is low in high audio, exhibit excellent stereo sound field custom made bluetooth earbuds and penetration, rock, pop, lyrical are suitable for all kinds of musical styles. AEP-9105 is today to introduce an in-ear custom made bluetooth earbuds.
   Visually, this headset is very special, full of high-end texture; while the design is full of fashionable elements; medical grade silicone earmuffs, earplugs ergonomic, comfortable and can be worn long B. These features of the custom made bluetooth earbudsconsiderably. With single-button remote control function, easy to operate, easy to use. Users can easily answer an incoming call, enjoy music without interruption, is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android. Internal custom made bluetooth earbuds Microphone, voice clear and natural, the maximum limit to restore the true sound custom made bluetooth earbuds. Small buttons, not only to enhance the overall natural beauty of the custom made bluetooth earbuds, but also improve the portability of operation. Using 3.5mm CTIA gold-plated plug, gold-plated custom made bluetooth earbuds plug 3.5 processing, to prevent aging for years to reduce signal distortion, providing high-quality audio transmission, ensuring a true and stable musical signals. 16 impedance, sensitivity: 103 ± 3dB (at 1KHZ)
   Given the positioning of the headset as well as people use it the environment, the front-end equipment I use the phone. I chose several different phones, wire were tested and found UT531 in play, pause, next, previous performance in a very sensitive, apple ios and android system compatibility are good, call quality is also very good .
   Listen respect, track selection, we chose a variety of types of music to fully demonstrate the sound quality of the custom made bluetooth earbuds. Including pop music, vocal music, light music and other types of music.
   First, the bass, the headset is really worthy of the name. Great low volume of the headset, the ability to dive deep, full strength.
   AEP-9105's performance clear treble without sharp, the sound is very mellow and does not affect its analytical ability; it's treble concentrated on melody portrayed relatively clear, good extensibility allows some high performance with good music device performance, the sense of hearing is satisfactory.
   Overall, this custom made bluetooth earbuds a good balance of high-low, high sound degree of separation, it is suitable for modern and contemporary pop music interpretation. Like the headset friends can try.

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