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Detailed variety of bluetooth house speakers protection circuit

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-11 18:56:52
    Bluetooth house speakers Protection is an important work of design.
In electronic products is the most important design circuit design. Circuit can be divided into two categories: bluetooth house speakers functional and protection circuits. A functional circuit (e.g. power circuit, an oscillator circuit, A / D conversion circuit, etc.) is used to implement the various functions of electronic products; bluetooth house speakers and a protection circuit (overcurrent, overvoltage protection circuit and an overcurrent, overvoltage protection circuit ) is used to protect functional circuits in order to achieve the security of electronic products bluetooth house speakers, reliability and durability.
In recent years, the rapid development of portable electronic products, such as MP3, MP4, bluetooth house speakers, DVD, digital cameras and video cameras, laptops, netbooks (a small laptops) and smartphones. The main features of these portable electronic products are multi-functional, circuit complexity, high frequency, bandwidth, signal transmission rate, and small size (all using SMD components), which is a higher circuit protection design requirements. In mobile phones bluetooth house speakers, laptops for a class of portable electronic products, due to its high operating frequency, bandwidth, requiring high data transfer rates, circuit protection design will not only involve the merits of electronic products bluetooth house speakers, safety, reliability and durability, but also comes to performance quality and cost of electronic products bluetooth house speakers. Therefore, the circuit protection is an important work of electronic product bluetooth house speakers design.

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