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Started manufacturing materials best wireless bluetooth earbuds

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-12-03
   best wireless bluetooth earbuds power usage, etc. are different from the speakers, so they require to manufacture the material, there are some differences, this best wireless bluetooth earbuds to talk about manufacturing materials [not including the speaker wire. Speaker manufacture first need to consider the stability, the cabinet will not be easy to produce resonant sound good issue, but the best wireless bluetooth earbudsw ill not need too much to consider this point, for the weak power of best wireless bluetooth earbuds, the ear shell thickness of 1mm are called strong enough to get on, and not necessarily a good thing is too thick, it will increase the total weight of the material on the quality XX large fry helpful, mostly with ulterior motives. Speakers do not need to wear, do not use in contact with the human body, while the headset is different, and therefore the need to maintain a smaller weight best wireless bluetooth earbuds to enhance wearing comfort.


   best wireless bluetooth earbuds Plastic is the most common best wireless bluetooth earbuds manufacture a material which has a moderate density and strength, malleable, and the use of plastic, can be designed in various shapes, it is widely used in various grades of headphone designs, it is currently the most widely used material headset manufacturers. It not only can be used for the design of the ear shell, the design can also be used for the headband.
   Due to the special nature of the headset, it will inevitably produce clothes, hair and other friction, therefore PV sprayed on plastic, UV paint unsustainable approach to decorating, easy to crack, the use of high optical qualities of plastic stripping is a relatively good way However, there are also problems easily scratched, so most of the best wireless bluetooth earbuds rather monotonous color, black majority. But this is not absolute, there are a few fashion line of headphones, using a color coating.


   Metal design in-ear best wireless bluetooth earbuds are also relatively common, mostly aluminum, metal material for finishing, but also for small batch production, in addition to the metal texture excellent qualities, but also through oxidation, such as electroplating process color, or performed by sandblasting, such as drawing process, reinforcing texture, thus the metal becomes a second selection in addition to the plastic, but the higher density of the metal, the need to control the use of the weight, otherwise will reduce the wearing comfort. Excellent ductility metal for stamping, machining out grille refined appearance, therefore, the metal is also used in the manufacture of large-size nets headphones. Used herein mostly ferrous metal material.

   Metal also has good strength, many of the mechanical structure of certain key parts, such as telescoping portion of the headband, the shaft portion of the ear shell, the example using a metal material, where the use of multi-metal of stainless steel, a small amount of aluminum.

   There are some special metal applications such Aurvana Hook air headphones, using nickel titanium alloy, which is also known as memory metal alloy (memory metal).


   Wooden materials used in the best wireless bluetooth earbudsis small, but unique texture of wood, with a highly decorative, but also a small number of best wireless bluetooth earbuds to use various types of wood to design ears, because of the need after a long dry wood handling, processing cost no more than metal is low, so the wood is mainly used for high-end headphones designs. In addition, many dealers prefer to wooden acoustic concept, superior sound quality, and so what, in fact, is not such a thing best wireless bluetooth earbuds.

   There have been a number of products with solid wood ear, but in the end all have failed, mainly because the wood is not suitable for refining small parts processing, and objects too small, but also fail to reflect the texture of wood, with the attempt The failure of the basic faceless wooden earplugs best wireless bluetooth earbuds.

Foam sponge and leather, velvet, etc.

   In the manufacture of ear pads, foam sponge generally be applied as the main material, and wrapped in leather, velvet and other materials, because the ear pads will direct contact with the skin, the touch of a direct impact on wearing comfort. Leather, leather and leather is mainly divided into two categories, only a handful of high-end headphones with a fine sheepskin, leather and most are leather. Leatherette is divided into very many, but most of them are not very breathable, but also best wireless bluetooth earbuds has a different feel, can not be generalized, and some texture close plastic, some very close to the dermis, some will be preceded by a strange name to confuse the concept, For example, "protein leather." Fabric is also very common, mostly flannel, for nice, often called "Velvet", in fact, and Swan had nothing to do, velvet touch of good permeability good, but the drawback is easy to absorb sweat, easy to clean dirty easily , sweat penetrate the sponge, the sponge a long time will let lose elasticity best wireless bluetooth earbuds.
best wireless bluetooth earbuds