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Arbitrary listen best custom molded earbuds to high quality music

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-30 18:43:09
   Best custom molded earbuds Its body is petite, very convenient to carry, unique ear design can be completely locked music, but also best custom molded earbuds did not worry about the headset can easily fall off. Central to increase best custom molded earbuds cable with a switch function key to switch is very convenient, best custom molded earbuds the bottom of the socket portion has changed the traditional straight-through design, thus effectively avoid data line break, greatly lengthen the life of the headset. As the main music and calls piston-ear best custom molded earbuds at low frequencies doing well, crisp best custom molded earbuds sound ear, did not appear sound is not really the case, high school bass structured, hierarchical analytical ability is quite good, three-dimensional surround best custom molded earbuds sound headset design sense is strong. & Nbsp; best custom molded earbuds on product performance, AEP-9105, sensitivity up to 103 ± 3dB (at 1KHZ), frequency range between 20H to 20KHz, using internationally accepted I type 3.5mm plug design, you can insert best custom molded earbuds a variety of devices directly, without switch interface.
  best custom molded earbuds, AEP-9025 perfectly compatible with iOS and Android phones, 1.1m wire design, you can freely listen to high quality music. For more distinctive personalized products, AEP-9105E headset launched a variety of fashionable colors dazzle, more selective, with high performance quality and overall product quality is still very good, definitely one of the higher value of headphones.

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