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What to do if the mini portable speaker distortion

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2020-10-29

A lot of beginners to play fever acoustics friends, sound broken helpless, but also spent a lot of money. In fact, understand these reasons before you can "the right medicine" !

1. The sound of the mini portable speaker cabinet is broken. If the sound is broken by the wooden board of the cabinet structure, it means that there is a crack in the mini portable speaker. If the crack is found, add woodworking milky white glue to fix the crack in the box to eliminate the sound.

2. The speaker itself is damaged. If the volume is too large, the sound will be distorted and broken. Even if the volume of male and female voices is turned off, there will be broken sound. If the mini portable speaker is broken or the internal voice coil is broken (such as the voice coil lead is broken and the contact is not good), this kind of sound will be broken. , You should find a store for replacement in time.

3. The sound of the speaker tweeter is broken. It is usually caused by the high frequency of the tweeter, and the sound cannot be dragged. It is necessary to limit the high and low frequencies.

4. The power amplifier power of the audio configuration is too small, and the power of the mini portable speaker is too large. When the volume increases or the bass is strengthened, the distortion of the sound will appear. It can be solved by reducing the volume and bass or increasing the power of the amplifier block.

5. Distorted power amplifier causes broken sound. Failure of the power amplifier board, harmonics, intermodulation, transients, etc. are all likely to cause distortion and break the sound. The solutions include grounding the potentiometer shell and changing the filter capacitor to a larger value. The problem of power amplifier distortion is more complicated, and the technology cannot be grasped in place, so it should be overhauled and replaced by professionals.

6. The audio circuit or power circuit in the audio system is faulty and the sound is broken, so send it for repair or replacement in time.

7. The distortion of the pre-level signal causes the sound to be broken, which generally refers to the professional audio system with a mixer. The gain on the mixer is too large, which is the distortion of the pre-stage signal, so the sound will be distorted no matter how the post-stage amplifier is turned on. After confirming that the front-end signal is distorted, the gain on the mixer is appropriately lowered.
Then the mini portable speaker will not break the sound even if it is super loud. This is the mini portable speaker, and the sound system is portable. Its appearance is designed according to the rugby, mini portable speaker hides a lot of energy, no longer afraid of mini portable speaker distortion.

mini portable speaker