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What is your favorite best small bluetooth speaker and why?

Eva 2020-11-02 14:03:03

Design looks premium with fabric finish.

Jaskey best small bluetooth speaker is lightweight and compact portable speaker. The fabric finish and glossy edge give it a premium look despite its budget price tag.

best small bluetooth speaker

Pairing isnt complicated

Talking about connecting the best small bluetooth speaker to your smartphone, you will get to know that the pairing process is really simple. You need to press and hold the power button. Then, you will hear that the best small bluetooth speaker is in the Bluetooth mode. Also, a blue LED indicator will blink from within the fabric finish at the front.

Performance and sound quality

The compact best small bluetooth speaker renders a clear audio output, which is loud enough despite its compact size. Usually, best small bluetooth speakers of this size and pricing render a flat audio output without bass. Though this one doesn't render an impressive bass output, it does perform well. The sound quality is acceptable and decent enough to enjoy music playing in your phone or laptop.

Battery performance is good

When it comes to battery performance, the device lasted for over 2 hours of continuous playback, which sounds decent given its pricing. A battery icon displayed on my smartphone next to the Bluetooth icon on the status bar. This shows the battery level left on the Jaskey best small bluetooth speaker and is helpful in getting to know the battery life left in the best small bluetooth speaker.