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best bluetooth headphones for phone calls really cause accidents it?

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-27
   Woman best bluetooth headphones for phone calls Railway train was rolling over, "" man wearing headphones listening best bluetooth headphones for phone calls to music to cross the road, unfortunately, was hit by a car to throw Dropping killed "after news of the two had gone below, but still causes the author's thinking, because for years Looks like the mainstream media often "wearing best bluetooth headphones for phone calls listening to music" and "accident rate increased," put together, the conclusion is looming between listening to headphones as causing traffic accidents, but also suggest that you do not use, but I personally feel that the more refined the more wrong, So today let's talk about this subject,best bluetooth headphones for phone calls.
   If it is possible to cut vegetable hand, do we not have a kitchen knife?
   I searched on the Internet in recent years, a variety of news related to traffic accidents caused by wearing headphones, and then concluded:
   1, mainly due to a traffic accident, "people disregard traffic safety" violation of traffic rules,best bluetooth headphones for phone calls.
   2, on the road best bluetooth headphones for phone calls really cause accidents it? Listen to music and not necessarily related accidents
   3, the media are responsible for the accident will be transferred to the best bluetooth headphones for phone calls really cause accidents it? is very irresponsible behavior
   4, it is undeniable, using headphones on the road safety problems do exist, should pay attention to
   Well, this article today, I told everyone to talk about the way the use of headphones, the purpose is very simple, I hope you pay attention to safety, life is very precious, to cherish.
   Nearly 30 years, since the Walkman Walkman appeared, young people wearing headphones to listen to music while on the go has become a habit, especially in recent years become a mainstream phone to listen to music, listen to music or receive calls, and now it is time to leave the best bluetooth headphones for phone calls. " ear ", the phone does not leave the" hand "degree, even a" Mobile phone overuse, "the term. So those who have always recommended not using a best bluetooth headphones for phone calls and media experts who can really shut up, we want to solve the problem, rather than engage in every day daydreaming idealistic.
   However, immersed in music, chat, browse the information in it, does tend to neglect their own security problems, "distraction," "non-attention blindness" "unintentional blindness" and other terms often appear, walk and play with the phone listening to best bluetooth headphones for phone calls indeed more prone to these phenomena, in fact, that white is the old saying "one can not with two," When we look at the phone to focus on the content or listening to best bluetooth headphones for phone calls, for the attention of the external environment will reduced, unable to remain vigilant on the surrounding environment, especially in the case of complex traffic situations can be a variety of accidents. Of course, such as chat, ah, ah slapstick, or even look at roadside billboards, street look beautiful, there will be problems.
   In my opinion, listening to headphones and see beauty will lead to "divert attention", "non-attention blindness" "unintentional blindness," so I do not think the best bluetooth headphones for phone calls and listen to what is directly related accidents, really important, they are still long talk wants to know "security awareness of the problem" and "obey the traffic rules problem" best bluetooth headphones for phone calls

best bluetooth headphones for phone calls