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Many music enthusiasts can make animal bluetooth speakers, but don’t know what material to use

jaskey 2020-12-31 16:33:45

For friends who like to listen to music, a good choice of animal bluetooth speaker is a good mix of music. However, there are wooden speakers and plastic speakers in the appearance of the speakers. So, is the sound quality determined by the raw materials of the speakers? Everyday we see the raw materials of the speaker cabinet, which are nothing more than wood and plastic. Today, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wooden speakers and plastic speakers, so that you can feel the advantages and disadvantages of wooden speakers and plastic speakers more intuitively, and know how to better choose an animal bluetooth speaker.

For most wooden speakers, the materials used are MDF medium-density fiberboard, which is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber. This type of board has excellent physical functions and is easy to decorate and process, so it is widely used in the manufacture and production of speakers.

animal bluetooth speakers

However, some businesses use "particle board" under the guise of MDF board. At first glance, particle board is similar to MDF board, but its density and hardness are far inferior to MDF board. The internal structure is rough and the cost is low. The sound quality of the animal bluetooth speaker is naturally not good.

Wood materials have better damping characteristics, soft sound quality, but poor rigidity. There is always a sense of ambiguity in replaying bass. Many animal bluetooth speakers also hope to deal with this problem through various technical means, and solid wood Humidity is very sensitive and can only be used in relatively boring conditions.

1. Wooden speakers have the advantage of higher density than plastic speakers.

Data density and quality are directly related to the cost of the speaker, and also affect the function of the speaker. The greater the material density of the speaker enclosure, the smaller the vibration produced by the cabinet when the sound is emitted, especially an animal bluetooth speaker with a high-power amplifier, so that the sound can be more realistically restored. The density of wood is much greater than that of plastic, so the effect of wooden speakers is better than that of plastic speakers.

animal bluetooth speakers

2. Wooden speakers have better playback effects than plastic speakers:

Compared with wood and plastic, the reflection of sound is much stronger, and the airtightness of wood is also very good, so that the sound signal can be effectively expressed through the air oscillation in the box, and the thickness of other boxes must also be super Strong guarantee of bass effect.

3. Wooden speakers are more beautiful and beautiful than plastic speakers:

Wooden speakers are also much more beautiful than plastic speakers in appearance and planning, and will give people a noble and elegant feeling when used.

4. Plastic speakers save more money than wooden speakers

Whether in manufacturing or when buying. The cost and price of plastic speakers are cheaper than wooden speakers of the same level, and the price advantage is significant.

5. Plastic speakers last longer than wooden speakers:

As the wooden speakers will become damp and cracked with the change of time, affecting the use. Plastic speakers do not, they are very resistant to the environment and can be kept longer.

6. Plastic speakers are highly plastic, light in weight, and easy to move or carry.

Of course, in addition to the raw materials mentioned above, animal bluetooth speaker has many other raw materials that can be used.

Typical examples are stone, glass, ceramics and concrete. Stone materials include marble, granite, etc., which generally have the characteristics of high strength and low sound transmission rate. As a speaker, the sound layering and presence are better, but the processing is difficult, and the box itself has a damping effect on sound waves. Extremely small

The glass cabinet has very low resonance, clear and transparent sound quality, with a pure and clean bass like a mirror, and a lot of extra points in appearance, but it also has the problems of difficult processing and poor sonic damping characteristics;

There is also a ceramic box, which has dealt with many problems of sound and processing. It is relatively simple to describe, and the sound quality is round and sweet. In addition to the general sound wave damping characteristics, the defects are not prominent. Many animal bluetooth speakers now use ceramic materials to make speaker cabinets.

Different materials, the sound quality of speakers are also different, so if you want to start with speakers, you can choose speakers with corresponding materials according to your own preference for sound quality! If you are entangled, we can help you choose!