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Wireless bluetooth headphone maintenance, do you really understand?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-05-08

Nowadays, people's pursuit of high-quality and good sound is getting higher and higher, and we often spend a lot of money to buy a variety of high-quality wireless bluetooth headphones. And when we bought the wireless bluetooth headphone, we began to highlight some problems, such as wire wear, how to clean, how to burn the machine better, and so on. If your favorite wireless bluetooth headphone is carefully maintained by the user, its use time will also be extended.

Let’s introduce the most basic common sense of earphone maintenance for the friends below. I hope that friends can understand the basic common sense of these earphones in their daily lives to better maintain their earphones.

The volume of the wireless bluetooth headphone must be controlled

This can be said to be the most common mistake for users who use wireless bluetooth headphones, because many users like to turn the volume of the wireless bluetooth headphones to the maximum, so that although it is more enjoyable when listening, it does the most damage to the ears and also causes certain damage to the diaphragm. In severe cases, it will burn the voice coil and cause unavoidable losses.

Keep away from strong magnetic field and humid environment

This is the most basic knowledge of using earphones. Strong magnetic fields can cause certain damage to the sensitivity of the earphones and cause non-negligible damage to the sound quality of the earphones. The humid environment will make the earphone unit pads rust, and the earphone will have a serious pitch, so friends should also pay attention to this.

The wire of the earphone must be protected

Just wipe off the sweat on the earphone cable after you sweat normally, otherwise it will cause some corrosion to the earphone cable, and try to stay away from fireworks when using the earphone, whether it is burned out the cable or the ear shell. The loss is absolutely irreparable.

The protection of cables and bluetooth headphone in winter is more important

Because the temperature in winter is lower, this lower temperature will make the earphone wire more fragile, and it will break if you don’t pay attention. If you use the earphone outside and enter a warm room, this temperature difference The change will cause the aging of the earphone wire and unit.

bluetooth headphone

Wearing bluetooth headphone while sleeping is really harmful

Because friends will turn over or move unconsciously when they fall asleep. At this time, if you wear wireless bluetooth headphones, the wire will cause a certain amount of entanglement or crush the ear shells. At this time, it’s okay if the bluetooth headphones are broken. If you hurt yourself again The gain is not worth the loss, so even if friends are used to listening to soothing music when falling asleep, they must take off the bluetooth headphones before falling asleep. This one must be remembered.

Pay attention to plugging and unplugging to avoid unilateral sound problems

When some friends use the bluetooth headphone daily, they have encountered the problem of unilateral sound from the wireless bluetooth headphone. This is probably caused by the loose solder joints caused by pulling the wire with your hand when the plug is taken off. In fact, although the part where the wire of the earphone is connected to the plug is fixed, it is still very weak inside. Therefore, when plugging and unplugging the plug, pay attention to holding the plug with your hand and plugging it in to avoid this situation.

Don't pull the wire hard

Do not use a hard way to fold the wire of the earphone when storing it. This will cause the skin of the earphone wire to crack, etc., or cause certain damage to the inner wire of the earphone, causing the earphone to not sound.

The new machine should be warmed up at a lower volume

When you get a new bluetooth headphone, try not to use a higher volume to impact the diaphragm. The correct way is to use a lower volume to warm up the earphone first, and use a lower volume and more soothing music first. Boil the earphones to achieve the best working condition of the diaphragm.

Try not to touch the unit with your hands

The unit part of the earphone is fragile, so you must pay attention to protection when removing the earmuffs and try not to touch the unit with your hands, because even if it does not cause damage to the unit, it will leave sweat on the unit and affect the sound quality.

"Boil frogs in warm water" way to burn the machine

When boiling, you should use warm water to boil the frog for a simple burn. You can turn on the volume to half for a certain period of time, and then turn the volume to normal but not the maximum for a certain period of time. , The length of time can be calculated according to how much time you have. Don’t ask for a specific time. As long as you feel that the sound is turned on, you can listen to your favorite sound normally.

How should the bluetooth headphone be cleaned?

Let's talk about in-ear earplug products. When cleaning this type of earplugs, it is best to use a cotton swab to drip alcohol to clean up, so that it can be sterilized and clean up the dirt in the earplug sleeve. If not, you can use clean water to clean, but it is worth noting that whether you use alcohol or clean water, you must wait for the earplugs to dry completely before placing them on the earplugs for listening, so as to prevent the earplugs from getting water.

wireless bluetooth headphone