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Why do we use supplementary light for live broadcast?

  • Author:Eva
  • Release Date:2020-09-04

1. More photogenic.Now most people's studio is not a professional studio, are in the later period of transformation, decoration and did not pay special attention to the light, the light is not too hard is not enough, shoot the effect is very poor.The role of the supplementary light is to give the broadcast room a relatively soft and enough brightness of the light, so that anchors and products look more on camera.

2. Faster focusing speed.Some people always think that the picture is blurry and the focus is slow when they are broadcasting. They always think that the camera is not good and they need to replace it with a more expensive camera.Of course, a more expensive camera will definitely improve quality and focus speed, but there's one more thing you'll miss: the lighting.In the case of poor lighting, we will adjust the exposure by adjusting the aperture, shutter and ISO for better picture quality. This is just a remedy.If you want better picture quality, the most direct and effective way is to add light.

3. The illumination and color temperature can be adjusted freely. Some better fill light lamp is to be able to adjust illuminance and color temperature freely.