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Why do people look so good in selfies?Here's the secret

I believe a lot of people have this problem,when taking selfies,the light is not enough,the photos taken out of the dark,especially noisy,even if the later can not save.

And God said,Let there be light!If the light is low,turn on the flash!Hey,you're such a smart guy.But isn't the flash on the rear camera?How do you fill in the light when you take a selfie?

In addition to finding someone to help you shine,it's only up to find th right light.In fact,there is a better way,is to give your mobile pgone a beauty make-up light!

Beauty makeup light,as the name suggests,can fill your light when you take a photo,or even beauty.A supplementary light can give you a timely light,but also can save a lit of later.

In addition to taking selfies to brighten things up,macro can also be useful for brightening up your plants,etc.

Recently, a beauty supplement lamp has been put on the shelf.There are three kinds of color temperature,which are cold light,warm light and cold light.Each color temperature has seven levels of adjustment,which can fill the light according to the environment.The shape of the light is elipse design,and it fits the highlight position of the face.When used,it will light up the face shapemore three-dimensional,The supplementary light lamp is composed of 36 lamp beads,the polymer translucent lamp shade,the light dispersion is more reasonable,uniform and soft without dazzling,there are three levels of lighting lighting adjustment,restore the beautiful color appearance,soft and comfortable touch.

It also features a wide-angle macro two-in-one lens,which can be used to distance the face while taking a selfie,allowing more objects to be seen while making the face smaller.When shooting macro shots,the macro lens allows you to take a better shot of insect flowers and fill in the light when it's low.

In addition to selfies and macro shots,the fill light is also great,and you can choose the color and brightness you want.Want to play with the popular photo tips on Tik Tok? So easy!