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Why buy bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction earphone is a super popular sports earphone recently. Recently, it has been evaluated by major digital media and sports media as the "most cost-effective choice" of sports earphone in 2022. Its online celebrity temperament and hot sales have been sublimated and affirmed once again. In the final analysis, bone conduction headphones can well meet the needs and imagination of consumers in terms of sound quality, workmanship, comfort and movement. In order to ensure the quality of earphones, bone conduction earphones go through more than 30 processes from material selection, cutting, shaping, grinding, etc., to create a unique boutique bone conduction earphones.

The comfort and sound quality of this bone conduction headset is well known in the industry. In the testing stage, a high-standard acoustic laboratory has been established, and a music master has been hired to conduct millions of debugging for the bone conduction sound quality developed for sound quality performance, presenting the most comfortable and best sound quality. With no hole leaky body design at the same time, cooperate with exclusive leaky technology, a 80% reduction in leaky phenomenon, under the condition of constant volume, effectively reduce the vibration of the bone conduction voice are also improve sound quality, and without the ear, can chang to listen to high quality music, particularly high performance-to-price ratio, and because of its fashionable appearance and high comfort, low power consumption, long life and so on, is very suitable for all kinds of sports, It is favored by many college students, skateboarders, travelers, runners, cyclists and digital enthusiasts.

Health: Vibration unit of bone conduction earphone acts directly on skull, avoids damage to eardrum caused by long-term use of traditional earphone, and can effectively protect hearing.

Hygiene: Traditional in-ear earphones keep the ear canal in a closed environment for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and cause inflammation, while the in-ear design of bone conduction earphones can reduce the breeding of bacteria in the ear canal.

Safety: Bone conduction earphone can completely open both ears during wearing, and can hear the environment sound in real time to judge the environment. The safety of outdoor sports is greatly improved by avoiding the danger of accidents caused by the sound of not hearing the outside world.

Comfortable to wear: the ear-hanging design, does not plug the ear, wearing for a long time will not be uncomfortable, and do not worry about falling when exercising.

Waterproof and sweat-proof: Bone conduction headphones are more waterproof, so you can sweat a lot when exercising, even running in the rain.