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What is special about the transmission outdoor ceiling speakers?

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-23 18:20:53
   Outdoor ceiling speakers with a closed box or inverted box design ideas completely different, which uses a quarter-wavelength transmission line to achieve resonance absorption cell, inhibiting diaphragm displacement, expanding low-frequency limit for these purposes. Transmission line speakers have the following basic features: behind the woofer is connected with a catheter with a long (transmission line),

  the length of the catheter fetch unit low-frequency resonant frequency (or slightly higher frequency) of a quarter wavelength, in order shirt of the catheter usually folded inside the box, it looks like a maze; larger than the radiation area of ​​at least 25% of units connected to the transmission line Cabanatuan speaker unit cross-sectional area, and then gradually becomes smaller, the exit of the transmission line is just equal to the unit diaphragm radiating area; laying wool or glass wool damping characteristics within the transmission line.

  outdoor ceiling speakers compared with the sealed boxes and boxes and other inverted design, with more deep bass, but the famous British expert Martin Colloms speakers represented some people think that the speaker is difficult to avoid the transmission line transmission line resonator caused by coloration.

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