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What is active noise cancelling and passive noise cancelling of headphones?

2021-02-26 17:27:59

Noise is an annoying and unwelcome sound that hinders our normal rest, study, work, and even health.

With the rapid development of modern technology, fast-paced life has become the norm for everyone, and the noise pollution of urbanization is becoming more and more serious. Open office environment, commuting on the way to and from get off work, mobile office travel... we are surrounded by noise all the time.

Noise cancelling has become a necessity. We want a headset to help us escape the interference of noise, seek our own independent space, and seek to listen to the music more purely.

The following is the difference between passive noise cancelling and active noise cancelling of headphones.

passive noise cancelling

Passive noise cancelling headphone

Passive noise cancelling headphone is the use of physical characteristics to isolate the ears from external noise. It is realized by sound insulation materials. The principle is simple, passive noise cancelling headphone is more effective for high-frequency sounds. Generally, the noise can be reduced by about 15- 20dB.

Just as our common in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones can achieve better passive noise reduction effects, their advantages are large noise cancelling headphone space and good isolation of high-frequency signals, such as: traffic vehicles, industrial machinery, and loud-speaking Voice etc.

Active noise cancelling headphone

In the middle school physics class, we learned that "the transmission of sound is achieved through the vibration of the medium", and if the wave is in antiphase between the waves, it will be offset. Active noise cancelling headphone is the principle of application.

Active noise cancelling headphones can produce good noise reduction effects for low-frequency noise (sound below 200 Hz), such as: car hum, air conditioning, subway running sound, etc.

An active noise cancelling headphone needs to be equipped with a pickup, a processing chip, and a speaker, and each part must be of high quality to achieve the desired effect, so the cost is usually higher than that of a passive noise cancelling headphone.

noise cancelling headphone