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What are the advantages of wireless phone charger?

Emily 2021-06-09 11:34:46
Wireless charging is very popular nowadays, so what are the advantages of wireless phone charger? Do ordinary mobile phones also support wireless charging?

Convenient charging for wireless phone charger

Take the wireless phone charger application as an example. Just put the phone on and start charging, which saves the trouble of plugging and unplugging the data cable. If there is an incoming call, picking up the phone will automatically disconnect the charging, and you can answer the phone safely.

Imagine if you are holding other things in the other hand and charging with the data cable, you have to put down the things on your hands, and then two hands can complete the charging action. For wireless charging of wireless phone charger, you only need to put the mobile phone directly on the wireless phone charger. It can be done with just one hand. Is it particularly easy?

wireless phone charger
Reduce data interface plugging and unplugging

Use an ordinary charger to charge, plug the data cable into the USB port of the phone every time you charge it, and unplug it after you use it up. Basically, mobile phones nowadays have to be charged at least once a day, that is, the data line must be unplugged and plugged at least once a day. Some people even charge 2-3 times a day. Frequent unplugging and plugging of the data line will cause the data line or cell phone The USB interface of the USB port is in poor contact, and the charging port may even be damaged due to this. Wireless charging does not have this problem.

Reduce clutter

Most people have a charger fixed in one place, whether it is on a computer desk, a bedside table or anywhere. If you are using an ordinary charger, you will inevitably leave a data cable on it. Some people have a lot of people in the family, and the charger will There are too many, if they are all plugged into one row, a row of data lines will appear messy. The wireless phone charger is a charging base, and the cable is connected to the base, and it will not appear messy. Moreover, like the green wireless phone charger, it is also relatively small, with a diameter of only 10cm and does not take up space.
wireless phone charger
Can ordinary mobile phones use wireless phone chargers?

To understand the various advantages of wireless charging, many machine friends may be eager to try and want to experience it, but their mobile phone is not a model that supports wireless charging. Can a wireless phone charger be used? The answer is yes. However, it can be used with a wireless receiver that meets the QI standard. The operation method is as follows:

Plug the wireless charging receiving sticker interface into the charging interface of the iPhone, then put the mobile phone on the wireless phone charger to automatically charge.

If you have a mobile phone case, you can put on a mobile phone case, so you don't need to plug in and out the wireless charging receiving sticker frequently, and the mobile phone case with a thickness of less than 0.8cm does not need to take off the phone case, and it can be charged directly on the wireless phone charger. The same is true for other models of mobile phones, as long as the corresponding wireless receiver is matched, wireless phone chargers can be used.