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What are the advantages of smart bluetooth headset over in-ear headphones

jaskey 2015-05-27 16:49:08

As we all know, the current headsets are mainly divided into in-ear headphones and smart bluetooth headsets, but relatively speaking, headsets are more comfortable. Some in-ear headphones will have ear pain, especially after a long time, it will be very uncomfortable. Bluetooth headset does not give people this feeling. So, what are the advantages of choosing smart bluetooth headset?

1. Quality pronunciation

The headset drive unit can be said to be the most important component in the smart bluetooth headset, and it often directly determines the sound quality of the smart bluetooth headset. Generally speaking, the headphone drive unit is divided into a moving coil unit, a moving iron unit, and an electrostatic unit.
Generally speaking, the larger the drive unit, the clearer the sound field level, the richer the sound content that can be transmitted, and the better the listening experience. In most cases, the large drive unit usually has a wider frequency response range. Sound quality is also better.

2. Comfort

For those who like to listen to music for a long time, not only should pay attention to the sound quality and portability, but also the comfort. Some people’s ears are inherently unsuitable for wearing in-ear headphones, and smart bluetooth headsets have solved many people’s problems to a great extent.
And in terms of effect, small in-ear headphones tightly cover the ears to block the infiltration of external noise is certainly not enough. And in-ear headphones can just create this kind of environment for us, both in terms of sound effects and comfort.
More suitable for matching

Compared with portable earplugs, smart bluetooth headset is largely more suitable for home use. A smart bluetooth headset can create a more three-dimensional and diversified sound background for you, that is, it can give people an immersive experience.

From the perspective of sound quality, matching, and comfort, the advantages of smart bluetooth headsets are also more obvious. It is no wonder that smart bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular among listeners.

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