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What are the advantages of active speakers and passive speakers?

  • Author:Hedy
  • Release Date:2021-05-24
Maybe when everyone buys speakers, they are the first to consider passive speakers, because they have a player, an Amp, and a complete system. However, for those who are new to audio and play from scratch, active speakers have their advantages. Although passive speakers are the mainstream, active speakers also have many diehard fans. What are the reasons? If you exclude the differences in materials and designs of high-end and low-end equipment, what are the advantages and disadvantages of active and passive design alone?

The active speaker means that the speaker has a built-in crossover and amplifier circuit, and it can produce sound only by connecting to a power source and inputting a music signal. Many audio studio speakers and professional engineering speakers are active speakers, but don’t think that Active Speaker is synonymous with your professionalism, because the common and commonly used computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc. are actually active speakers.

Advantage 1: No need for subsequent stages, simple system
One of the significant advantages of active speaker speakers is that there is no need to connect the rear driver, and you can play songs by inputting audio. This is suitable for friends who want a simpler sound system. Only the player and the speaker can form a complete system.

Advantage 2: Save space
In addition, there is no need to connect an amplifier with active speakers, so it can save a lot of space for equipment. It is quite suitable for CAS systems or desktop audio systems that are very popular in recent years.

Advantage 3: Complete package, guaranteed sound quality
Since the speaker itself has a complete drive circuit and is equipped with decoding and partial sound, plus the digital interface input, the sound floor of the active speaker speaker will be more stable, unlike passive speaker speakers that are more affected by wires and amplifiers.

Disadvantage 1: The speaker needs to adjust the volume independently
Part of the design of active speaker speakers, the output of the left and right channel speakers needs to be adjusted independently, so it will be a little troublesome to adjust the volume, and the left and right speakers must be coordinated and then fine-tuned.

Disadvantage 2: Need to connect power cord and signal line
Although the active speaker speakers lack an Amp, in addition to the signal cable, each speaker needs to be connected with an additional power cord for power supply. If the speakers are placed far away, the cable connection will be more troublesome.

active speaker

The most common two-channel speakers are passive speakers. Contrary to active speakers, they do not have a built-in amplifier circuit and need to rely on the output of the rear stage or the combined machine to drive the sound. Compared with traditional active speaker speakers, most of them are bookshelf design, passive speaker speakers have a variety of styles, such as floor space, bookshelf, satellite, etc.

Advantage 1: More flexibility in tuning
Due to the need to connect to the amplifier drive, the sound bottom of the passive speaker speakers will be greatly affected by the connected equipment and wires. Sometimes the same set of speakers will appear, and the feeling is completely different when you hear it from others and hear it from yourself. . However, in disguise, there is more flexibility in tuning. You can use the characteristics of signal cables and amplifiers to supplement or enhance the performance of the speakers.

Advantage 2: Only need to connect the speaker cable
Although it needs to be connected to an amplifier, in contrast, passive speaker speakers do not need to be connected to an additional power cord, and only need to be connected to the amplifier with a signal line, and the latter can be directly driven to produce sound.

Advantage 3: Bi-Amp, Bi-Wire diversified connection combination
Some passive speaker speakers can support Bi-Amp and Bi-Wire connection methods, and improve the performance of the speaker through wire connection and additional post stage.

Disadvantages: need to be promoted
Since passive speakers are too diverse, with different specifications, designs, and materials, if you want to talk about a common shortcoming, you need to connect to the amplifier drive, which requires additional equipment and space.