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What are smart Audio glasses?

In this era of intelligent takeover of our life, there are more and more scientific and technological intelligent products such as mobile phones, tablet computers and unmanned cars.  In recent years, the concept of smart audio glasses has also gained momentum.  What are smart Audio glasses?  

Smart audio glasses, as the name implies, give glasses the function of playing audio, so that glasses can not only improve our visual experience, but also bring the enjoyment of listening to sound.  The creative realization of the combination of sunglasses and audio, so that people really experience what is smart audio glasses.  
Different from mixed reality VR glasses, the new smart audio glasses subversively combine sunglasses and headphones together.  It makes headphones disappear and goes inside sunglasses, bringing the idea of listening to music into the context of wearing sunglasses outdoors and opening up a whole new fashion for listening to music.  Technology innovation is that of these smart about audio glasses lens incorporates a mini speaker in each leg, and sound hole is around the perimeter of the mirror legs, close to the ear, sound can be correctly received from here, and that voice is directional, coming from the inside of the vast majority of noise will only incoming ears, people can hardly hear.  Even in a quiet office, colleagues a metre away will barely notice.  

This kind of open but concealed listening way tests sound quality very much. In the sound processing, the performance of the medium frequency is particularly outstanding in the hearing sense of the intelligent audio glasses, which makes the presentation and restoration of human voice more delicate and durable.  At the same time, it also continues to have a relatively full tone orientation, so in the low-frequency performance of enough texture, with it to play the voice or strong sense of rhythm of the song are very appealing.  With its stylish appearance and unique way of voice, it is like the sound from the music scene lingering in the ear, so that people can not help wearing it to sway with the rhythm.  

In terms of control, there is a physical button under the right leg of the smart audio glasses, which can play/pause music, answer/end a call, enable voice assistant and other quick operations.  It is worth mentioning that one button to answer the phone is both practical and cool function, just think about wearing glasses to make a phone call scene, clearly did not wear headphones but "empty" conversation, will let the people around look confused.  

Smart audio glasses transform what is smart audio glasses from an imaginary concept into a real life product by smart audio glasses with fashionable properties from the perspective of audio and visual transformation.  At the same time, it is both a technology product and a fashion item. Whether you are a digital enthusiast or a fashion follower, you can buy a pair of smart glasses to try it!