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What Is Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing?

2020-04-29 18:14:34

Bluetooth multipoint pairing is still a relatively new and not completely perfected technology that was first introduced in the mid-2000s. It represents the next step in the development of Bluetooth technology enabling one retro bluetooth speaker to be connected to two retro bluetooth speakers at the same time.

The old-fashioned wired retro bluetooth speakers could be connected to only one device at the same time. If you wanted to connect them to another device, you were supposed to disconnect them and plug them into another retro bluetooth speaker. The multipoint pairing technology works on the principles of Bluetooth technology, which means that you can connect your headphones to your phone via Bluetooth (no cables needed). The fact that we are talking about multipoint pairing means that your headphones can be connected to two retro bluetooth speakers (for example, two smartphones) at the same time. The truth is – the headphones can’t receive input from both devices simultaneously but they can definitely remain connected all the time to both phones and can receive inputs alternately. So, if you’re listening to music transmitted from one phone, you can answer the incoming calls from another phone and the music from the first phone will be paused during the conversation.

retro bluetooth speaker

Not all currently available retro bluetooth speakers on the market support Bluetooth multipoint pairing technology but their number increases every day. Those that support it, have a title “multipoint” label next to the product’s name or, if there’s no ‘’multipoint’’ label, you will definitely find some info about multipoint pairing in the specs.

retro bluetooth speaker

The main goal of the developers is to enable the users to connect multiple retro bluetooth speakers to one master retro bluetooth speaker, which will be able to control them all (play/pause music, skip tracks, switch between calls, etc.). Imagine what a delight it would be if you could control all your Bluetooth-enabled devices with just one device.