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Industry development prospects of tws wireless earbuds products

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2020-11-26
Based on market development and industry pre-judgment, combined with the user experience of the product market and the capture of tws wireless earbuds-related issues, the author makes an industry outlook for such products based on my own perception:
tws wireless earbuds

1. Tws wireless earbuds will move towards the road of intelligence, and adopt AI technology and rapid development. Tws wireless earbuds can be perfectly combined with the AI ​​field, can be combined with AI products, and can even let go of a completely smart product route. Because the current intelligent voice service technology is also becoming more mature and widely used in automobiles, smart home products, etc.,Tws wireless earbuds can do all these: such as full voice interference, gesture control, etc., in addition to smart hands that have been widely used. The sonsor technology on rings and watches can actually be extended to Tws wireless earbuds; in the next stage of market competition, artificial intelligence of Tws wireless earbuds will become one of the focuses.

2. Hardware manufacturer chips will integrate more TWS functions. Take Qualcomm as an example. Qualcomm TWS Plus technology also supports the new QCC 5100 series Bluetooth chips. TWS Plus can only be used with the Snapdragon 845 platform at present. When paired to another device for use, it will only be connected in TWS mode. Cannot enjoy the serial audio delay and continuous battery life. Others, this technology can use the mobile phone as a broadcast center without the support of any continuous equipment, and transmit audio signals to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. At present, mobile phones supporting Bluetooth 5.0 technology have gradually become the mainstream configuration. I believe that the continuous solutions of hardware manufacturers and the upgrading of products will give more technical applications to Tws wireless earbuds.
tws wireless earbuds

3. Extensibility of Tws wireless earbuds At present, the TWS industry is mainly represented by Tws wireless earbuds. In fact, TWS is not just wearing headphones, but can also extend to all audio fields (TWS speakers, TWS smart wearable products, etc.). Seize the market opportunity, let us stand proudly in the market!

4. High bit rate transmission will still be the focus of the next step. The high transmission bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 also makes it possible for TWS true wireless Tws wireless earbuds calls. High bit rate audio playback is also the first breakthrough in Bluetooth audio products. Application, basically will not become a promising space, mainly in the breakthrough in application technology, Bluetooth 4.2 version, many domestic manufacturers have achieved DSP effects-mainly in the speaker, but in the field of Tws wireless earbuds, there is no One company can achieve DSP effects; at this point, the original manufacturer and supplier may be the technical problem to be solved in the next sound quality and sound effect.