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Tws bluetooth earphones industry development trend

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-05-28

With users’ willingness to spend further, the global tws bluetooth earphones sales market continues to grow, with an output value of 66.4 billion yuan in 2019, more than twice the output value of wired headsets, and the share has risen from 45% to 60%. The following is the development of tws bluetooth earphones trend analysis.

With the development and application of high-fidelity, stereo dual-channel, noise reduction, and true wireless technologies, the output and output value of wireless earphones have been growing rapidly in the past two years. The industry analysis of tws bluetooth earphones pointed out that the output value of tws bluetooth earphones reached 66.4 billion yuan in 2019, more than twice the value of wired earphones. In 2020, my country’s tws wireless bluetooth earphones market will ship 42.56 million units, a year-on-year increase of 24%. The growth rate of active noise reduction products in the tws wireless bluetooth earphones market exceeded 120%.

From the very beginning Airpods were put on the market, tws wireless bluetooth earphones gradually began to appear in people's field of vision, and the left and right units of the earphones can be directly inserted into the charging box. The development trend of the wireless headset industry pointed out that tws wireless bluetooth earphones make the user's wearing experience and daily carrying easier; tws wireless bluetooth earphones has gradually replaced all-in-one Bluetooth headsets. In 2020, my country’s tws wireless bluetooth earphones accounted for 64%, a year-on-year increase of 49 %.

From Apple AirPods set off a wave of tws bluetooth earphones market. In 2020, the top three manufacturers in my country's Bluetooth headset market only accounted for 37% of the overall market share, indicating that market participants have continued to increase and competition is fierce. With the maturity of the true wireless bluetooth headset solution technology, the barriers to market entry have lowered, and a large number of manufacturers have rapidly poured in. Among them, Apple occupies 18.1% of the market share, and Huawei and Xiaomi have 10.1% and 8.3%, respectively.

Tws bluetooth earphone

The brand Xiaomi occupies 9% of the market share of the true wireless headset category, ranking second, mainly because of the substantial increase in sales in the Chinese market. Their Redmi Airdots is a product of about US$20. The industry development trend of tws bluetooth earphones pointed out that Samsung is one of Apple’s main competitors in the field of smartphones. They also manufacture tws wireless bluetooth earphones products, but only 6% of the market share, ranking third.

At present, the price of tws bluetooth earphones on the market varies greatly, ranging from thousands to hundreds of dollars; in comparison, the price of tws bluetooth earphones produced in my country is lower. After the epidemic began to spread, due to the shrinking consumer psychology and the expansion of online channel sales, sales centered on low- and medium-priced brands increased significantly. For the first time, the proportion of products sold under $100 exceeded half of the market, accounting for 56%. Therefore, various giants are frantically seeking solutions in the low-end consumer range.

In the future, as major companies continue to promote the innovation of true wireless devices and technology research and development, the production cost of tws bluetooth earphones will further decrease. With the increase of consumers' disposable income, changes in consumption habits of digital products and the improvement of entertainment and cultural consumption levels, the tws bluetooth earphones market will continue to develop. The above is all the contents of the tws bluetooth earphones industry development trend analysis.

tws bluetooth earphone