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Tws bluetooth headset and its coexistence problem

2020-03-20 17:08:05

With the recent withdrawal of 3.5mm tws bluetooth headset jack design in many mobile phones, more and more users are using tws bluetooth headset over conventional earphones when they commute or exercise. With the development of Bluetooth technology, wireless earbuds have evolved into a very small size and cordless form factor that we call it True Wireless Stereo (TWS).

tws bluetooth headset

The Wi-Fi coexistence problem is a crucial topic for tws bluetooth headset products, since its size is so compact, and the antenna on TWS is much smaller than classic tws bluetooth headset. The long latency of TWS button function and choppy music due to frequency coexistence problems can be expected.

tws bluetooth headset

These connection problems will lead to bad user experiences. Users may leave bad reviews on the e-shop, which will affect the sales performance of the products, and also have a negative impact on the brand’s impression.

As more tws bluetooth headset products are being launched to the market, the problem of wireless coexistence also becomes inevitable.