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To maintain the good performance of audio products

  • Author:Hedy
  • Release Date:2020-08-26

Listening to music generally refers to music appreciation, appreciation of the melody in the repertoire, the theme idea to be expressed by the creator, the artistic level of the player's performance, and the performance techniques.

Audio listening refers to the performance and level of listening audio equipment for music, such as: facsimile, clarity; liveness, three-dimensional perception; sound image positioning; transient, dynamic, and music details, harmonic reverberation, etc.

For most audiophiles, listening to audio is more than listening to music. The focus is on listening to the tracks that can most test the performance and level of the audio equipment, or the tracks that can find the equipment (usually instrumental music: sketches, symphony, etc.). In order to continuously improve the audio equipment; and for the general audience, they only understand music but not audio, as long as the songs are good (it doesn’t matter the original copy of the record), the focus is on listening to the songs they like (generally vocal music: folk songs, Popular songs, etc.) in order to get pleasure from favorite songs.

To maintain the good performance of audio products, it is necessary to know how to maintain it.

Maintenance methods are:

1. To frequently use electricity and start up maintenance, which is conducive to the heat and moisture of the machine.

2. To increase the volume from time to time, which is good for maintaining the good sound performance of the mid and low audio speakers. But beware of damage to the metal film tweeter.

3. To often play piano music with a comprehensive range of high, medium and low frequencies. In addition to more comprehensive maintenance of the speakers, it is also very beneficial to the "burning" of the speaker cabinet (the wooden cabinet is better).

4. To use the special disc for Boiler King, which also has a good maintenance function;

Fifth, pay attention to dust, moisture and sun protection.