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Three taboos about tws bluetooth headset burn-in

2020-09-08 18:07:19

Boiler is a measure to quickly make the equipment aging and stable. The parameters of the various capacitors inside the newly purchased tws bluetooth headsets are unstable, and it will only work after a period of use. In addition, the new earphone diaphragm folding ring has poor mechanical compliance and relatively large distortion. After a period of time, the distortion becomes normal. After the machine is burned, the diaphragm fold ring will be impacted by the pressure of sound and air, and the contraction ability of the diaphragm fold ring will become more elastic, the sound details are richer, the sound is excessively smooth, and the vocal voice is more mellow In addition, the high-frequency burr will be significantly reduced or directly reach the state of no burr, and the low-frequency will obviously converge a lot, becoming more elastic and cohesive. Reduce back noise and improve the purity of low frequency.

However, there are a lot of burn-in methods circulating in the earphone industry, propagating how to perform a quick burn-in method to achieve the best sound quality of the tws bluetooth headset. Since many earphone users still don't understand the burn-in, they will try those burn-in methods with suspicion. In fact, many of these claims are rumors, there are misunderstandings, can not achieve the effect of burn-in, and will cause damage to the tws bluetooth headset. The following is an explanation for everyone, the three taboos about burning machine.

Don't loudly

Many users, after getting the tws bluetooth headset, often turn the volume of the player to the maximum at the beginning, and start a high-volume burn-in. It is said that this is to increase the speed of the machine. It is true that the high-volume burn-in machine can make the diaphragm of the earphone move quickly, thereby speeding up the burn-in, but we know that when the earphone leaves the factory, the diaphragm, especially the folding ring, is relatively hard. During the burning process, the folding ring gradually Softening is the main reason for the improvement of sound quality, but if you use a high-volume boiler at the beginning, the folding ring will move greatly before it is softened, which will easily shorten the life of the folding ring, and even cause slight cracks or broken sound. . Just like you can’t participate in the exercise right away before a fitness exercise, you need to warm up to achieve a pulling effect. Therefore, high volume is a big taboo when using headphones. Under normal circumstances, you must first listen to it, and burn it at about 50% of the maximum undistorted volume of the headphones, so as to ensure the effect.

Avoid long overtime

I believe that many earphone users have seen the burn-in method for how many hours or even days, and even said that they are wrapped in clothes and quilts to avoid noise interference. Many people are concerned about this. Convinced. There is a big risk in this approach. The earphones will generate a certain amount of heat when they are working. Long-term burn-in may cause problems such as the temperature of the voice coil, the deformation of the fixed frame of the voice ring, the melting of the glue and other problems, and the earphones are wrapped It will also cause the heat to not be discharged. This will affect the sound quality, prone to deterioration of the treble, and noise caused by the sassafras ring. Therefore, it is best not to burn tws bluetooth headset for more than three hours at a time. If you still need to cook again, you should continue after half an hour.

tws bluetooth headset

No heavy bass

It is the preference of many users to burn the machine with music with rich bass, as well as the special bass audio signal. It is believed that the bass effect of tws bluetooth headsets will be better in the future, but the consequences of pure bass burning are serious. Because my bass signal is strong, the vibration amplitude is large, and the human ears are not sensitive to bass, even if you listen to the sound when the machine is burning, the vibration amplitude of the folding ring and the heating of the voice coil are still serious. More importantly, large vibrations for a long time may cause the voice coil to be shaken apart, which may cause problems such as dull earphone sound and low volume. Therefore, when burning tws bluetooth headset, it is best to avoid using strong bass music, and when using a signal generator, it is best to choose folk song noise with a wider frequency spectrum for burning.