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The use of portable speaker brands is taboo, 3 matters needing attention

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-10 19:51:15

    With the popularization of audio and video portable speaker brands equipment, more and more people are interested in the audiovisual field. As an enthusiast, portable speaker brands is important to have a set of high-end equipment, but it is also important to use these equipment correctly. For now, among the general audio enthusiasts, there are some misunderstandings in use that should be avoided.

1. Put the equipment in the cabinet. Some people put the equipment in a custom-made cabinet for decoration and protection. This will make the tone muddy due to the latent vibration caused by the space in the cabinet, portable speaker brands and the power amplifier and other equipment are easy to overheat and age due to insufficient circulating air. If the portable speaker brands is installed on the wall, the sound effect will become blunt.

2. Stacking equipment. Many people like to place DVD players, amplifiers, tuners, digital-to-analog converters and other machines on top of each other, which will cause mutual interference, especially the serious interference between radium camcorders and power amplifiers, which will make the portable speaker brands sound harder and produce a sense of depression. The correct way is to put the equipment on the audio rack designed by the factory.

3. The wiring is not firm and unclean. If the portable speaker brands sound of the system is dry and hard, one of the reasons may be poor contact, such as weak plugs, oxidation of the contact surface, dust or oil stains, etc., portable speaker brands so you should always check and keep the contact surface clean.

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