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The role and influence of lights in daily life

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2021-11-08

The impact of electric lights on life

There are many important and great inventions in life. Think about it, if in summer, there is no air-conditioning, and the whole body is wet and sticky, how uncomfortable! Without electric lights at night, it is not only scary and dark, it is very easy. accident. If we dont have a clock, we will have no sense of time. We are late for work and school, and we dont even know!

I think the greatest and most important invention in life is the electric light, because it not only brings us light and warmth, but sometimes also teaches me and inspires me to be a human being. Before the electric light was invented, people used oil lamps and candles, which was very dangerous. Sometimes accidentally knocking down an oil lamp or candle will burn the house. Maybe it will affect the neighbors, causing serious casualties, and losing a lot of property, which is very terrible.

Now let us get to know the inventor, Edison. It made the world's first tungsten light bulb. Edison tried more than a thousand kinds of materials to make the filament, but it failed all the time. Failure is the mother of success. Edison did not give up the ideal of inventing the light bulb because of one failure.

The light bulb is what I think is the greatest and most important in life

The invention, because of Edison and his invention team, can make us very bright at night now.

The functions of the lamp are:

1. Lighting function, which is also the main function of lighting fixtures and the original intention when it was invented. No matter in life or industrial operation, it is inseparable from the use of lighting fixtures.

2. Decorative function. With the development of science and technology, lamps are not only limited to the main function of lighting, but also have a decorative function. For example, European-style chandeliers, solid wood ceiling lamps, floor lamps, etc., can all play a good role. Decorative effect.

3. The role of advertising. As long as the night comes, various advertising brands on the street emit colorful lights to attract passing pedestrians, such as the revolving lights of the barbershop, the billboards in the subway, and so on.

The types of lights are:

1. Home lighting fixtures, including craft chandeliers, wall lanterns, decorative table lamps and light bars, etc.

2. Commercial office lighting can be divided into flat panel lights, downlights, bracket lights, grille lights, ceiling lights, etc.

3. Engineering lighting fixtures, such as road lighting, tunnel lighting, projection lighting and factory lighting, etc.

4. Decorative lighting lamps are used for urban night scene lighting. There are various wall-washing lamps, point and linear lamps, water scene lighting and festive lanterns.

5. Special local lighting fixtures are divided into visual work desk lamps, spotlight fixtures and searchlight fixtures.

6. Special signal lamps can be divided into road traffic signal lights, marine signal lights, railway traffic signal lights, airport navigation aid lights and aviation obstruction lights.