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The research background of Bluetooth speakers and the significance of research

  • Author:Cindy
  • Release Date:2021-10-13

1. Research background of Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth technology is an open global specification for short-range wireless data communication. It is characterized by low cost and power consumption

It is small and can quickly and easily establish a special connection short-range wireless communication link for the communication environment of fixed and mobile devices.

Bluetooth technology connects various portable computers with other mobile devices such as cellular phones by radio, making the computer and

Communication is more closely integrated, enabling people to exchange and transmit data and information anytime and anywhere. Bluetooth technology is growing

The more it is required to be applied to small consumer terminal products, such as Bluetooth wireless headset, Bluetooth remote control, Bluetooth mouse

Mark the keyboard and so on. All these provide broad application prospects for embedded Bluetooth solutions.

In recent years, Bluetooth technology has developed rapidly, and various Bluetooth products have emerged one after another. And the blue work in the embedded system

Dental devices (such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth HID devices, Bluetooth adapters, etc.) are

Dots gradually become the main tool for people to exchange various data and information in the future.

In the Bluetooth system, the wireless transmission of audio and video has broad application prospects. Bluetooth speaker is a rich competitive

Competitive direction. It can have many applications, such as home theater, car audio and so on. Bluetooth speakers are Bluetooth technology

A new type of application combined with audio processing technology. After a long period of brewing, SIG finally opened in May and June 2002

Separately released AVDTPGAVDPA2DP and other transmission protocols and application specifications this month. These protocols and application specifications

It provides a guarantee for the real-time transmission and interoperability of audio and video.

2. Research significance of Bluetooth speakers

The bluetooth speaker system designed and implemented is based on this technology and aims to replace the audio between the speaker and the audio source.

Wire connection. In the traditional speaker system, the audio data is transmitted through the audio cable, which brings a lot of

Much inconvenience. The traditional audio cable has a length limit, and there are certain requirements for the location of the device, and the transmission line is too short

Otherwise, the device should not be too far away from the computer; the transmission line is too long and tangled around, which is troublesome and unsightly. Switch to Bluetooth

After the line transmission, it can break through the ties of the transmission line, and the speaker can be placed in any position, as long as it is within a range of 100 meters.

Inside. If you listen to music through your mobile phone, the mobile phone can also be placed anywhere, so you don't need to take it out of your pocket at all.

In addition, with the increasing maturity of Bluetooth technology and the widespread popularity of mobile communication technology, the development of Bluetooth speakers has become mature

conditions of.

In short, there are no technical obstacles to the realization of an application model of Bluetooth technology-

. this topic

Aimed at the realization of audio transmission and playback of current affairs, on top of this, a more comprehensive discussion of the protocol specifications of Bluetooth communication technology

And the methods and steps of Bluetooth application development, and mastered the new technology of Bluetooth wireless access. And further for the future

In-depth study of Bluetooth technology and development of Bluetooth products have laid a solid foundation.