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Built-in cable portable small cartoon portable power supply with double LED lights...

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Outdoor portable cartoon portable power supply with double LED lights

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The popularity of solar power banks

  General ordinary charging bank can only be used for municipal power charging, and the solar power charging bank has many functions, not only can be used for municipal power, but also can be used for solar power charging, the key to camping in the wild, out of the socket is a good choice, he does not need to rely on other external forces, as long as the sun can be charged. Very practical, safe and environmentally friendly. So using a solar power bank is a good choice.

  About the solar energy charging bank, pay attention to the use efficiency, and battery quality and capacity. The quality of the battery is also related to the service life of the solar charger.
  Control circuit and protection circuit. Solar cell phone charger products on the market now are very complex, its protection circuit and control circuit may be simple design, or in poor compatibility, easy to charge bad mobile phone or reduce the service life of mobile phone and battery.
  Solar charger accessories. This problem is often ignored by many users, but can not be ignored. There are bad suppliers in the market for price advantage and configuration of inferior accessories, such as AC charger (common name fire bull), AC charger with IC protection circuit or no IC protection circuit two. AC charger without protection IC is not only small charging current, long charging time effect is not good, and the whole hidden danger. When purchasing solar charger, special attention should be paid to whether AC charger has IC protection circuit.
  Solar phone charger can only be used in emergency, and can not be completely relied on to charge mobile phones and other digital products. To fully charge mobile phones, the solar panel of the solar phone charger required by the general mobile phone is larger than 0.7W.

  If not for a long time (more than 3 days) are outdoors, then it is recommended to use mobile power supply, buy a large capacity is good ~~~
  If you are outdoors for a long time and it is difficult to get a charging opportunity, you can use solar energy to charge your equipment. However, it is easy to buy high-power solar panels and the battery capacity should not be too small. The so-called solar charger on the market, a hundred or even dozens of pieces, is difficult to meet your needs. You probably won't be able to charge your phone with it on your back for a day in the sun (outside, you're unlikely to keep the front of your solar charger sunny for long).
  It is recommended to use 5V, storage power above 6000MA, preferably 8000-10000MA, can give the mobile phone 4-5 times of electricity ~~A solar charger.
  This outdoor solar power bank with dual LED lights can not only provide electricity when there is no outlet outside, but also provide easy lighting in the field. The solar panel is monocrine silicon with 5v input and output, which is reliable and safe. The battery capacity is also 10,000mah. The product size is 15.7 * 7.7 * 1.9 cm, which is enough to become a mini portable high-quality outdoor solar power bank.