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Three, the points of attention in the use of the outdoor audio speakers machine:

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-10 16:23:18

1. In the outdoor audio speakers audio system, pay attention to the sequence of power-on and power-off. When turning on, turn on the pre-equipment such as the audio source first, and then turn on the power amplifier; when turning off, outdoor audio speakers turn off the power amplifier first, and then turn off the pre-equipment such as the audio source. If the device has a volume knob, it is best to turn the volume knob to the minimum before turning outdoor audio speakers on or off. The purpose of this is to avoid the impact on the speakers when turning on and off.

2. outdoor audio speakers is forbidden to unplug and plug in signal plugs when powered on. So as not to damage the outdoor audio speakers machine or speakers due to impact.

3. If the outdoor audio speakers machine makes an abnormal sound during the working process, the power supply should be turned off immediately and stop using it. And ask experienced and qualified maintenance personnel to repair. Do not open the machine arbitrarily to avoid damage to the machine or electric shock

Four, pay attention to the maintenance of the machie:

1. Do not use high temperature solutions to clean the machine. For example, use gasoline, alcohol, etc. to wipe the surface of the machine. Use a soft cloth for dust. And unplug the power first when cleaning the casing of the machine.
2. The outdoor audio speakers machine is generally not waterproof. In case it gets wet, use a dry cloth to wipe off the water stains. After the water is dry, outdoor audio speakers can be turned on.
3. Do not place heavy objects on the outdoor audio speakers machine to avoid deformation of the outdoor audio speakers machine.

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