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The future trend of Bluetooth speakers

2021-09-10 15:48:39
Bluetooth speakers have a history of more than ten years of development. From the original low version of the transmission effect, and the bandwidth is very small, low-fidelity, true Bluetooth speakers to today's 5.0 era, high-bandwidth, high decoding capabilities,  . It can be said that the development is very rapid.

The arrival of the 5.0 Bluetooth era is not a huge improvement in sound quality. Instead, a very large adjustment has been made in the application scenarios, such as the 5.0 version of Bluetooth. They are usually dual-mode dual-mode, and there is a technology called bl E. It is possible to interconnect multiple products, and can be obtained in the voice and intelligence section. Breakthrough and improvement. The ble technology of Bluetooth is not only embodied in the control of multiple interfaces. It can even achieve positioning accurate to the centimeter level. This application scenario is very broad. In fact, for music playback, the bandwidth of Bluetooth speakers is already sufficient for streaming media in today's digitalization. Digital music playback. In the future, more breakthroughs in Bluetooth speakers will be in connection speed and distance. Transmission stability and multi-station interconnection and multi-scenario applications. Will reflect more value.

At present, in the field of speakers, Bluetooth speaker manufacturers have basically replaced the market position of traditional active speakers, occupying more than half of the market. Since 2011, the market for Bluetooth speakers has shown a clear growth trend. Whether at home or abroad, the market demand for Bluetooth speakers will continue to grow in the next few years.

Everyone knows that consumer electronics are updated too quickly, and many emerging products will ebb and flow, and eventually be eliminated. Bluetooth speakers are also consumer electronics, so what will be the future development trend of Bluetooth speaker manufacturers? Will it be replaced by other products?
Let's analyze the functional characteristics of Bluetooth speakers:
1. With Bluetooth wireless function, it can not be restricted by active;
2. Outdoors, the use of Bluetooth speakers is very popular, and it is more convenient to carry
3. Bluetooth speakers are subdivided, there are outdoor portable speakers, home Bluetooth speakers, etc. Home Bluetooth speakers can be controlled by mobile phones, and the speakers can be controlled anytime and anywhere indoors. Traditional home active speakers have certain defects and will be affected by Bluetooth speakers. replace.
Therefore, in the field of Bluetooth wireless, the integration of traditional speakers and Bluetooth functions will surely occupy the speaker market, and the growth trend will become more and more obvious, and the prospects are very promising.