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The future may be eliminated 10 technology products

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-11-08 11:33:56

Technology Mini bluetooth speaker is constantly changing and improving, which in turn makes the "old technology" out faster than any other non-tech industry. Some nowadays seem very popular products, perhaps in the next few years, it was "new darling" eliminated. Remember the BB machine, Walkman and analog cameras in a number of years ago also "do anything they want" products (Mini bluetooth speaker), and now have fade out of our lives. Similarly, some seemingly indispensable technology products in our lives, perhaps in the future will be eliminated. According to research shows that the following are ten popular technology products in the next 10 years may be eliminated:


Although this sounds incredible, but nowadays the ubiquitous smart phone may be in the next 10 years, there may be abandoned by people. 10 years later, we may carry our data with us, and from any one place to get them. Such as embedded desk or embedded in the wall of those touch screen. As for the phone, we may be through the wireless headset (Mini bluetooth speaker) to solve.

credit card

For the past several years, credit cards have become the most popular form of payment for financial transactions. However, in the next 10 years, it is likely to disappear. 10 years later, you may be able to simply through the online way to complete orders, and the rest are integrated into your bank account by the intelligent assistant to complete.

Wall-mounted TV

Those who are now hanging on our home wall of the LCD, LED TV may also be eliminated. The new mirror-finished display will replace these traditional screens, and there are already some products on the market with this new screen, but it has not yet become a mainstream product.

Remote control

Remote control is also very likely to disappear in the future of a product. In the near future, the vast majority of equipment and applications will be controlled by gestures and voice, such as the market now has a number of equipped with a motion sensor, can sense movement and automatically trigger light bulb and air conditioning.

Wireless telephone

In the future, wireless phones are likely to be replaced by ubiquitous small microphones. So, then we no matter where we went home, can be carried out without interruption. At the same time, personal virtual steward in the perception of a call, it will be at the side to remind us.


Laptops in the next 10 years, may also become "antiques". 10 years later, we are likely to project through the desktop or wall virtual keyboard to work, so that any desktop can be easily changed to the touch screen, but may also promote the development of telecommuting, because we at any time Work can be done anywhere. As for face to face communication, It can also be equipped with a microphone wireless camera to replace.

mini bluetooth seakers

Desktop PC

Like laptops, desktop computers may eventually escape the fate of being eliminated. After all, when we can easily carry our data to any place, and through any one display to the office, who also need to put the desktop at home, this "giant"?

Classic pointer watch

Classic pointer watches are becoming increasingly obsolete, but technology giants have introduced more efficient, more fancy smart watches, we may be the last generation of people who have seen pointer watch. Some big companies have even tried to combine the styling of the pointers with the digitization, but it has little prospect. In the future, smart watches are likely to have some new features, such as a projector can be projected from the keyboard or a virtual control panel projector.

Mobile hard disk

When some things are beginning to transfer to the cloud, we may have no need to go to buy any mobile hard disk. At present, many people already have a variety of ways to their contact information, audio and video files, office materials and other miscellaneous things, are transmitted to the cloud. In the next 10 years, anything may be based on cloud services to work

Mini bluetooth speaker

In the future, loudspeakers are likely to be replaced by more efficient and more compact devices integrated into our home furnishings, which will hide behind the most visible areas, play audio over Bluetooth wireless connections, In addition, we can simply by voice, command personal virtual assistant to operate these Mini bluetooth speakers.