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The earliest tws bluetooth earphone products

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-24 17:43:19


  The earliest tws bluetooth earphone product invented in Europe, the legendary Scottish fishermen is to use a wax earplugs to protect against sea Vamp decadent music. The earliest tws bluetooth earphone products from Europe, ear wax is the most traditional materials. Later, due to the continuous development of new materials updated, a resilient material produced soundproof earplugs gradually become mainstream, it is with a slow rebound characteristics of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam soundproof earplugs. Knead by hand after slow rebound earplug thin strips slowly expands in a few minutes, gradually restored to its original shape. Can vary with different specifications to create a shape of the ear, easy to wear. However, after the EU body for PVC and manufactured goods with the new definition, they contain toxins found in PVC composition is not suitable for the production of products close to the body, while a total ban on the use of this material. So today the foreign production Earplugs (tws bluetooth earphone) Of material PU material instead of PVC.

  3 classification

  Material Classification

  Silicone earplugs (tws bluetooth earphone): The price of a pair of homemade ear gap 500 times more than the cost comparison, before the use of silicone earplugs into the ear canal with warm water to soften five times repeated use of features with high hardness, can cause pain in the ear canal can not be continuously and cost-effective use of the mute , silicone earplugs though airtight structure without holes like, but because of the hardness of rubber-like resilience and adults of different types of ear canal full compliance with the small chance, it will cause pinhole leaks or minor holes leak, a leak occurs sound insulation reduces noise reducing ear probably twenty or thirty decibels, soft curved inner wall of the ear canal, blocking strong will appear redness and ear canal leak even sleep in pain positional pressure, can not effectively achieve the long-term effects of comfort and quiet, and Ear corner wall does not meet that bring earache swelling, long-term use can not be stuffed, every noise sleep quality. This tws bluetooth earphone product features now make use Flex material used with the tune after artificial rubber-like product is airtight, so that the ear canal comfortable soundproof good effect, ensuring a pair of silicone tws bluetooth earphone do cost more than 500 pairs of the earplug into the ear canal can be continuously Use N years and there is no discomfort.

  Sponge earplugs: Low foam molding material, high elastic polyester material Earplugs (tws bluetooth earphone) Surface is smooth, slow rebound, did not rise when using ear pain, sound effects between 25dB-40dB. This kind of sleep per night is ideal for use earplugs, but after cleaning the slow rebound effect will be weakened and can not be used repeatedly, generally sponge earplugs are disposable type. But with the development of science, as the current market there are also some sponge earplugs can be reused up to six months or more and scrub.

  Wax tws bluetooth earphone (Wax): wax earplugs are Earplugs originator can put their hand to get soft, and made for the shape of the ear canal. But the disadvantage is not enough health, wax may also be left in the ear canal, easy to clean. And wearing long ears will feel pain.

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