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The First World War Net.All

Lindy Jaskeyworld 2014-08-04 18:08:17

August 28, 2014 in Shenzhen of the first one hundred network war will start in Phuket hotels can be kicked off the domain. 28 companies gathered in one, together, will Net.All push the top! ! ! The war divided blue and red passenger off two teams PK, each team 14 companies, eight Division I blue group, Shenzhen Jake Technology Co., will go all out in this battle, the Grand Slam sprint! ! !

  With anger emanating from speakers people music, penetrating the heart of each of us, all the soldiers are poised to be ready started the first stop. Each team are all reported their goals, one a high ratio, full of fire herbs. This is a war without guns, bombs do not back pack, move submachine gun, as long as we play the level of play performance. As a blue-off, we want to lead-off victory over the Blue Honker, won the victory belongs to our banner. At present, our company has more than 100 mini Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, mobile power and other fashion products, we want the world to be able to quickly receive our products, presenting a musical event.

   All of his comrades, to redouble their efforts Oh, do not fall too far behind us, oh! ! !