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Talk about those things about the SoundBar speaker

What is a SoundBar speaker?
Slim flat-screen TVs are getting better and better, but ultra-thin bodies inevitably sacrifice the sound quality of the built-in speakers. Of course, there are solutions to getting good sound quality. Of course, the traditional solution is to set up a home theater, but it is definitely a hassle to set up a home theater system. There is another way to be convenient and obviously improve the sound quality of the TV, that is, the SoundBar speaker.
SoundBar speaker can be said to be tailored for flat-panel TVs to make up for the poor sound quality of flat-screen TVs. It integrates multiple channels of speakers and power amplifiers into a long strip box, and each channel has an independent cavity to ensure good isolation and separation.
SoundBar is easy to install, connect and operate, eliminating the troubles of many traditional home theater speakers, complicated wiring and cumbersome space layout. In design, the long box can form an integrated visual effect with the flat-screen TV.

Why use a SoundBar speaker?
There is a big difference in performance between SoundBars and traditional speakers. Buying a SoundBar speaker is not just about choosing a product with the same length as the TV, but also the placement and use of the SoundBar speaker. There are many reasons why people choose a SoundBar speaker instead of a home theater system consisting of an amplifier and speakers, including space usage, purchase budget, and more.
Many people have this idea: Does the SoundBar speaker sacrifice a lot of performance compared to a complete home theater audio system? It depends on the quality of the SoundBar speaker and the user's own feelings. The SoundBar speaker is no less functional than a complete home theater audio system, and for those users who think that the traditional home theater audio system takes up too much space, the SoundBar speaker is indeed a very good choice.
How to connect the SoundBar speaker?
Users who choose SoundBar should largely avoid the complicated and cumbersome connections of traditional home theater audio systems. SoundBar speaker provides a simple connection method. When using the SoundBar to connect to a flat-screen TV, it is usually the HDMI interface of the TV to connect all audio sources, and then connect to the SoundBar speaker through the TV's digital audio output interface (usually optical output), and all the audio goes to the TV first. machine, and then output to the SoundBar speaker through the TV. Some SoundBar speakers also have HDMI input interface, which can accept complete multi-channel audio signals, and even some products can support independent DTS and Dolby audio format decoding.
Most users will choose to use the SoundBar speaker to connect to the TV to enjoy music and movies, and many SoundBar speakers support wireless connection with tablets and smartphones. Bluetooth connection is the most common wireless connection method for SoundBar speakers. Through Bluetooth SoundBar speakers, you can play music on tablets and smartphones, or play music from music apps on these mobile smart devices. Depending on the model, some SoundBar speakers can also support Apple's Airplay and NFC (Near Field Communication, used for fast Bluetooth pairing) functions. The addition of extended functions greatly increases the application range of SoundBar speakers. It is no longer an accessory for TV sets. exist
How to control the SoundBar speaker?
Unlike traditional home theater speakers (which need to be connected to a power amplifier), the home theater soundbar speaker is a complete and independent product, so it can be operated remotely. Some well-designed SoundBars can also be automatically turned on when an audio signal is detected.
Polk's MagniFi Mini also has smart remote control compatibility. Using the remote control of a TV or TV box and learning the common commands of MagniFi Mini audio remote control, one remote control can operate two devices, which improves the convenience of operation. .
How to install the SoundBar speaker?
When preparing to buy a SoundBar speaker, you must first consider where to put it? Maybe you think the easiest way is to hang it on the wall, under the TV, because most flat-screen TVs are wall mounted on the TV wall. But not all families have the TV wall mounted on the wall. How should this part of the family install it?
If you do not plan to hang the TV on the wall, first make sure that the base of the TV will not block the position of the SoundBar speaker, and also make sure that the position of the SoundBar speaker will not block the remote control signal receiving position of the TV (usually located under the TV) ). Therefore, we recommend placing the SoundBar speaker slightly lower than the TV. Some SoundBar speakers will degrade the sound quality due to incorrect placement, such as placing them in a TV cabinet. Therefore, in this case, it is best to follow the professional advice of the seller or installer.
SoundBar speaker indispensable subwoofer
Compared with the built-in speakers of the TV, the SoundBar speaker is a great improvement, but the sound quality may not be comparable to the traditional home theater speakers, especially the bass part. To make up for the shortcomings, some SoundBar speakers are equipped with separate active subwoofers. Usually, these subwoofers are wirelessly connected to the SoundBar speaker, which makes them very easy to install. In fact, we also recommend equipping the SoundBar speaker that supports subwoofers with a wireless active subwoofer. Its existence has a considerable effect on improving the sound quality, and it is extremely cost-effective.