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Solution when using headphones with noise

When using a computer, headphones are often used, and there are many problems with the use of headphones. Generally, there is noise in the headphones. Today, I will give you some solutions.

Material / tool:

1.The computer has a static cause. Just add a small copper wire to the screw at the picture (or any screw of the chassis), and connect the copper wire to ground.

2.The computer has accumulated too much garbage. The computer's response is slow, and the system garbage of the computer should be cleared in time.

3.The plug is stained:
In general, if there is noise in the headphones, it is likely that there is a problem with the plug of the headphones.
Generally there are stains, it is recommended that you can wipe the plug carefully,
This can be a good solution to the problem of noise in the headphones.

Of course, there is a problem with the headset. It is also the problem with the headset. It is likely that there is something interfering with the surroundings.
Such as if you are close to the TV or if you are in a noisy environment,
Or in a strong magnetic field, you will cause noise problems in the headphones.

5.Headset failure:
You can compare the headset with other headsets or computers, and replace the headset if necessary.