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Side effects of wearing best noise reduction headphones for a long time

  • Author:Nana
  • Source:Jaskeylitited
  • Release Date:2014-09-06
The reason why we prefer to put the sound outside is because the ears will be uncomfortable if wearing headphones for a long time. It’s not that Xiao Jiu’s ears are more refined. In fact, wearing best noise reduction headphones for a long time, especially using them incorrectly, can really cause some damage to the ears.

After a person puts on the best noise reduction headphones, the outer ear is almost occluded. The high-volume audio sound pressure directly enters the ear and is concentrated on the thin eardrum. At the same time, the distance between the vibrating membrane of the best noise reduction headphones machine and the eardrum is very close, and the range of sound wave propagation is small and concentrated, which stimulates the auditory nerve of the eardrum relatively.

Over time, it is easy to cause tinnitus, insomnia, best noise reduction headphones, ear fullness, and progressive hearing loss. Wearing best noise reduction headphones often can also cause some systemic discomforts, such as dizziness, nausea, etc. If things go on like this, they are prone to inattention, slowed down thinking, memory loss, and even irritability, lack of patience and other abnormal psychological and emotional reactions.

Relevant medical data show that when the human ear hears a volume of more than 85 decibels, a longer time can cause hearing fatigue. When the volume is higher than 110 decibels, it is enough to cause the death of the hair cells in the human internal ear. And the damage is irreversible. The louder the sound and the longer the time, the more serious the damage.

Generally, the volume of mobile phones is between 60 and 90 decibels, while the volume output of best noise reduction headphonesis generally around 84 decibels, and some high-frequency ranges can reach 120 decibels. Such a volume has a great stimulating effect on the ear nerves, and a long time will cause hearing loss, neurasthenia, and even permanent deafness.

And, because the first thing that appears is the high-frequency hearing loss, and the language frequency we use in daily communication is not affected, best noise reduction headphones is often ignored in the early stage. Only when the hearing loss extends to the low frequency and the language frequency hearing loss reaches a certain level, the subjective hearing impairment will appear, best noise reduction headphones which will affect the language communication and social activities.

In other words, best noise reduction headphones the effects of using headphones to listen to the ears usually take many years to become apparent. So many people best noise reduction headphones don't understand its harm and don't care, it may be too late to wait until the problem is discovered.     
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