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See off mini outdoor speakers is not so easy!

Lillian Jaskeylimited 2014-09-19 14:59:49

    This time our guest is a valued customer emily comparison, we have done a lot of pre-preparation, including plant equipment ah,By the early understanding of the customer, carefully prepared mini outdoor speakers , LED mobile power, two mini outdoor speakersAnd theSample RoomRe-Arrangement, but in the end the guests did not come, but also there the day before I was no good reason to communicate with the guests, but also for the customer mini outdoor speakers was not very understanding. Finally, after a full day of information, telephone, directly to the hotel several times and constantly attack, mini outdoor speakers as well as Viola last words of that period business to seize the key, mini outdoor speakers guests finally agreed to see us.
    Later that night, I and Viola, Linda until finally the guests, chatting with the guests better, they are more humorous, although the results only took a sample of a mobile power mini outdoor speakers, but they fight to the next opportunity to meet, but also know the customer The final demand. Finally we once again under attack telephone and information, guests agreed to meet yesterday afternoon, met with the guests chatted quite good, but guests led more interested in mini outdoor speakers mobile power and said a few kind of play, let me sample The PI sent him. We talk to customers with life, the company's development, and cooperation in various aspects of the future, and finally let us help him find a car to cross the border into Hong Kong airport, which shows our guests still quite trust. Until the morning guests to cross the border, encountered some problems, I also timely help him solve, customers have been issued final words of thanks, then I will continue to follow up.
    Think it twice to see clients, although the final customer does not have to go to the factory, not the next big one mini outdoor speakers, but also under our insistence, to meet with us, buy a sample, there is always a chance. There customer-facing miss it again, I think patience, persistence, careful, self-confidence, skills for the salesman is very important. Viola talking about right, do not meet, then a lot of things I do not know, this time for the system to meet customers also have a certain understanding mini outdoor speakers, knowing the quality of the customer is to go the route of large companies, with our company's vision is the same , high-quality brands, leading the world, is our target customers, after the capture of orders for certain signs.

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