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Quality pure natural wood in ear headphones

Nana www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-17 18:07:52

   Speaking wood in ear headphones, I believe that friends are necessarily very familiar with it, compared to non-ear headphones, wood in ear headphones has a much better sound performance and excellent sound effects, wood in ear headphones can effectively reduce outside noise interference for music; provides a closed best wood earbuds environment, you can greatly reduce wood in ear headphones sound leakage phenomenon, even small volume, wood in ear headphones still may not be affected to enjoy music.

    Said today it is a wood in ear headphones Its stylish and compact, and traditional ear is different, this wood in ear headphones product uses sound chamber wooden materials to build, wood in ear headphones this design does rare in moving coil ear; wooden cavity can make the sound more pure and Naturally, listening more comfortable; meticulous wood color wood carved side plus sound chamber design, so this wood in ear headphones ear more than a few antique charm.
wood in ear headphones